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Gravity falls is in the same universe as Cleveland Show and Bobs Burgers

Gravity falls has been known to be in the same universe as Rick and morty

Rick and morty once starred in a Simpsons couch gag

The simpsons crossovered with family guy

And family guy has had crossovers with American Dad, which has had a crossover episode with Cleveland show.

And to add an extra, bobs burgers appeared in a simpsons couch gag.

Look it all up, it’s all true
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Is Rick and morty in the same universe as gravity falls?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It’s a multiverse, dummy
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Rp chat

For Nethersteel and I only
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Who would you rather be

  • Mabel Pines
  • Dipper Pines
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Bill Cipher Cosplay Face Paint

I did the face paint myself,and I am proud that I used this on Halloween!
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i could not stop laughing at dipper saying he decapitated Larry king

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Random Fandom Time!!

Another random fandom!! Made by yours truly,I have made a fandom unlike any other between my O.C. Shadow and the interdimensional Dorito himself,in human form. Enjoy!
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So hey Everyone I recently just saw some news that were saying that a person was going going to Make and sell a lego Mystery Shack set but they said that ppl have to support it (they need 10,000 supporters and right now they have 6,307 soo plz Support go to< Lego Ideas (we have 680 days left so yeah we still have a lot but yeah €_€)
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At home

Lol lol lol
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All these gf drawings

I drew 5 of these
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My Drawing of A Random Fandom

It's that time where I have to draw random fandoms!!!!
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• 11/14/2018

Finally came €_€

The gravity falls dvd set (complete series) I got excited when I saw the cases and the letter XD
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