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*hugs the smol

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Bill is the illuminati confirmed (Illuminati plays)
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metatons like "I'm hating my life choices"

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me on week-ends

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Idk anymore

So I’ve seen some ppl say “OH WHY DID GRAVITY FALLS HAVE TO END” dude...just at least appreciate that it was made ;-; (I’m kinda not talking about here but from other ppl) Because Without Alex there will be no Gravity Fall and without Gravity Falls there will be no “Of this” aka Merchandise,fandoms,and neither this app .-. #NothingGoldCanStay
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Shipping time

WHO DO YOU SHIP IN GRAVITY FALLS?(if u don’t ship anyone then that’s ok👌)
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A question

Who thinks Dippers real name is mason
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That seems like something a responsible parent wouldn’t want you you doing…….................................. Good thing I’m a Grunkle!
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What's better

  • undertale
  • Fnaf
  • yandere simulator
  • doki doki literature club
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To Gravity falls fans

I don't get how they end Gravity Falls I mean why did it end it how did they end it when did they end it will there be a season 3 will they making in 2018 or 2019 is it some kind of Discovery or they're trying to keep a secret from us we need to know why they ended it we all want gravity falls back but then we all make videos on it we need answers
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Guys has anyone seen this triangle? If so, tell me the date, plz and Thank you!
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I got this journal like one year ago (I still have it lol)
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We finished our costumes! When we went camping we won the best character costume!
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