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My heart was dead after the finale. I cried my heart out from the point where Stan had his memories wiped. Alex, my respect for you has grown, and, oh my gosh, I am so annoyed that there isn't a season 3.
My heart is in a place of emotions right now.
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♥ We're all in this together
Just watching it again and again is so nice. No matter if ur angry sad happy or neutral, its really something that keeps u up always. And the last episode rrally gives you feels
Yeah, that's so true. The show is bomb! The characters are so addictive and amazing and you get stuck with them, it has the right amount of innocence and corruption and exactly the right emotions.
When I found out it ended I put my face on the pillow and I sweared for 10 minutes.
When I watched it I started to tear up and I thought, how could something so innocent and cartoonish do this? 😢
When I found out they ended it I was crying for 5 hours straight 😭
Ok maybe I’m over exaggerating a little bit but it felt like 5 hours
But I was and still am really upset about it
Dude, same! It's been some time since I finished it, but, argh, I keep getting sad 😔.
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