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Episode ideas if alex decided he wanted to make a thrid season

i found these on the web

Gravity over Yonder 1 hr special

What ever happened to Soos?

Gravity Falls and SVTFOE

Girl Troubles
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2. An episode revealing some of Bill's past and why he became insane
3. Stan and Ford's adventures
4. A series of episodes where GF is not told in 3rd person view; rather in a character's view ( example: E1 will be in Dipper's POV E2 will be in Soos' POV and so on.) To see how the characters react to their environment
5. An ep. about an unsolved mystery
1.Soos is married and is a loving and caring stay at home Dad.
2.Ford and Stan’s adventures on the stan’o’war.
3.Wendy and Dipper are a couple.
4.Dipper and Mabel’s parents decide to move to gravity falls.
5.Mable starts a sweater selling business.
1.Crossovers w/ Steven Universe, Wander Over Yonder
2.Bill’s backstory
3. More stories of younger Stan and Ford
4. Soos running the mystery shack
ooo mable il buy a sweater plz and Dorito squad
Rick and morty crossover
Or a whole new Gravity Falls show based on the past of Gravity Falls, the story of Ford from his arrival to the battle in the Quadrangle of Quadfusion
People stop dreaming! Season three is NEVER going to happen
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