This page is for 6-18, the segment in "Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner Marathon. For the recurring number seen in the series, see 618.
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"6-18"[1] is a segment in "Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner.


Old Man McGucket says that the number "618" has been haunting his dreams. He says that it is everywhere, including the Mystery Shack, prison (referring to the number on Stan's prison uniform when he was in jail in Columbia), and cash registers. Wondering what the number might mean, McGucket says that he is convinced the number is "a clue from a creature from another dimension that [they are] all just drawings on a page." This is followed by clips of various characters laughing, and McGucket then comes to the conclusion that he is simply being paranoid.

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  1. Old Man McGucket's Conspiracy Corner - 6-18. Retrieved on April 26, 2015. “It's a clue from a creature from another dimension...right?”

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