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Abandoned church
S1e18 abandoned church and soos truck
Type Church
First episode "Land Before Swine"
Appearances 1

The abandoned church is an exit, and entry point of the Pterodactyl that kidnapped Waddles in "Land Before Swine."


The church is located deep in the woods. It is one of the entry points to the abandoned mines and is used by Stan Pines, Soos, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines and Old Man McGucket to track the pterodactyl/ The creature  had been using it as an entrance and exit to the outside world and the mines where it's nest is. They find many prehistoric dinosaurs preserved in amber in the mines. The church is mostly destroyed by a geyser later. Little nformation is known about the church.


S1e18 inside the church
Inside the church.
YazzyDreamAdded by YazzyDream

The church is old and run down with large sections of moss covering the roof. Most of the stained glass windows are boarded up. The inside is covered in more moss and crawling vines. The walls are cracked with parts exposing the underlying brick. Most of the support beams are broken and have fallen onto the floor. There is a large hole in the wooden floor that leads to the abandoned mines. The church also has a piano and two coffins.

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