Bat-eries are AA batteries that Soos Ramirez used to power the cackling skulls in "Summerween."


In "Summerween," when Soos, Dipper, Mabel, Candy, and Grenda attempt to escape the Summerween Trickster by disguising themselves, Soos tries to use the cackling skulls. He presses one, however, it is out of batteries. He somehow grabs Bat-eries, puts them in the cackling skull, and presses it, giving himself away to the Trickster.


The bat-eries look like regular batteries. There is plastic on top of the bat-eries to keep them safe from being broken or stolen. The cardboard behind the plastic cover is the color of dark green, with a purple bat with the words Bat-eries written in purple across the bat. On top of the bat is a hole for the poles, and it says AA on the right upper corner of the cardboard, indicating their size.


Season 1

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