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This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the Gravity Falls universe.

Believe in Yourself is a television series Mabel Pines is seen watching during the "Clay Day" segment of "Little Gift Shop of Horrors."


The series revolves around an anthropomorphic star named Shimmery Twinkleheart and a young girl named Cinnamon. During one episode of the series, Shimmery congratulates Cinnamon for "believing in [herself]" after apprehending a crook.

Though the series was likely made up by Stan Pines, Mabel does know about Shimmery Twinkleheart, as it was among the illusionary creatures that was seen in Mabeland.

Known actors

  • Shimmery Twinkleheart
  • Cinnamon
  • Unnamed crook


Season 2

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