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  • Minky29

    Gravity Falls News

    December 16, 2014 by Minky29

    Gravity Falls News for the week of Decrmber 14th, 2014

    Breaking News: there has been a rumor going around that lil' Gideon is going to escape from prison, that's right people, escape from prison!!!!! Ok, so here's how the rumor started: (well, at least how I think it started) There was a picture on Instagram saying: "There will be no new episodes in December. But in 2015, there will be a breakout of the lil'est kind." That means that the reason that there are no new episodes this mouth because of the lil' Gideon episode. What do you think? Do you think that this rumor is real? If so, how do you think the town of Gravity Falls (especially the Pines family) will react to this? I will have more details about this story as it develops.

    Character of th…

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  • LaugingLochNessMonster

    Over 100 Edits

    December 14, 2014 by LaugingLochNessMonster

    Whoo i made it :D

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  • LaugingLochNessMonster
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  • Singerboy41

    Real or Fake?

    December 13, 2014 by Singerboy41

     There are some pictures that claim to be from episodes that are not released yet. Here is a video of them

    What do you guys think? Are they real or fake?

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  • LaugingLochNessMonster
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  • Epicjam79

    Gravity Falls

    December 11, 2014 by Epicjam79

    My obsession for Gravity Falls is growing by the minuet, I have started having dreams involving myself as Gravity Falls charectors, most commonly with me becoming Dipper's wife or love intrest. I am facinated by Dipper and find him as the love of my life. Bill also sometimes occurs in my dreams, or there are refrences. I also m,ake quite alot of everyday refrences everyday and find it funny when ppl dont understand but sadly most people dont like gravity falls and one of them constantly points out my refrences and annoys me but at the same time entertains me when he tells me to stop making those refrences. In  the future I will start adding dream logs or adding my previous dreams.

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  • Peacexfreedom


    December 9, 2014 by Peacexfreedom

    Hey all,

    I just wanted to put it out there that I am not the one finding the goofs. I want to give credit where credit is due:

    Remember, cite your sources people!

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  • Peacexfreedom


    December 8, 2014 by Peacexfreedom

    Hey all,

    I noticed some pictures are of lower quality, so I'm going through and updating them with better versions (screenshots from either the disneyxd site or the GF dvds that I own).

    Feel free to point out some pictures that need fixing and I'll try my best to get a better version up :)

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  • Heather11203333

    Christmas Avis

    December 6, 2014 by Heather11203333

    Voting ends on 12/16/14 Read more >
  • Brett307

    By now everyone is aware of the cryptic Journal 3-esque page we've been teased with at the end of every episode of Season 2 thus far (and if you aren't, I'm worried you're watching the wrong cartoon). I've only recently started piecing it together, and aside from one-off drawings alluding to the supernatural aspect of each episode's plot, a larger picture is at work. A triangle appears to be the centerpiece of it all, as well as some strange squiggly lines that adorn the north-facing tip, which for some odd reason looks like the outline of a pair of ears to me (don't ask why). Another fragment of a picture can be seen on the page from "Society of the Blindeye," which has some sort of red figure located at the bottom. It's not much to specu…

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  • Mr B Natural

    So I have translated "Tourist Trapped" into Korean and back using Google Translate. In this new version, Dipper's name is Scoop, Mabel is Meyibeul or Marvel, and "Scoop" refers to Mabel as his brother. Believe it or not, this is exactly, word for word, what I got when I used Google Translate, including the part about "cannot help but watch them f*ck themselves".

    The episode opens with a shot of the sun. Dipper starts to narrate.
    Dipper (Narrating:) Oh, my summer vacation.
    The camera pans to Hank grilling burgers while Shmipper and Smabble  are running around beside him.
    Hank So you, the Hun want the cheese?
    Unnamed wife Of course, Hank.
    Dipper (Narrating:) Leisure, relaxation, time to take her easy.
    The camera stops at the "Welcome to Gravity Falls…

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  • Peacexfreedom

    Smipper and Smabel

    December 1, 2014 by Peacexfreedom

    Hey, so I'm guessing I'm not the only person to notice this, and sorry if this is already posted elsewhere, but is "Unnamed Woman in Orange" Smipper and Smabel's mother?  Going through character galleries (making sure all cameos are present), I'm noticing them with her a lot...

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  • LaugingLochNessMonster

    Roberto Gomez Bolanos Also know as Chespirito.One Of My favorite Mexican actor, comedian, film director. has died at Age 85.Rest in piece El Chespirito.

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  • DamiedeterJR

    Building in Camo Suit

    November 29, 2014 by DamiedeterJR

    I'm surprised no one has so far (to my knowledge) brought this up about what this location is (remember what happened last time Blendin showed locations in his camo suit (like the Arcade and the underground mine area from Land Before Swine)?). By the looks of it, it's the Northwest mansion which means (which I myself actually figured) there's going to be another Pacifica episode. Not sure if it really is the Northwest mansion? Then take a look at this picture: Which also got me thinking; what do you guys think the Pacifica episode could be about? Comment below on what you think!

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  • LaugingLochNessMonster

    Happy Thanksgiving

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  • Peacexfreedom

    Sorry yall

    November 27, 2014 by Peacexfreedom

    Sorry bout the mess up with the transcript page, everyone...

    I undid it, so all should be good...

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  • Timeponyabc

    Theories and Stuff

    November 26, 2014 by Timeponyabc


    This is my first blog post ever, so I'm just saying now this might not be the greatest! :P

    So, the purpous for this blog is just to talk about theories on the show, any stories you people out there are thinking about writing, or Gravity Falls oc's that you made/ideas for a oc you COULD make.

    Hope to see something down in the coments that we can talk about!


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  • AbercrombieFizzwidget


    GRAVITY FALLS: "The Love God" Review

    Gravity Falls has always been very strong at developing its characters, and this episode is further proof of that.

    With what could be a disastrous premise, actually turns out to be a heart-warming, hilarious episode with character development and world-building, although flawed and with unfortunate implications; especially in the ending.

    The plot isn't the strongest, but the humor and development are what hold it together.

    The episode opens with Dipper, Mabel, Tambry, Nate, Lee, Wendy and Thompson watching the clouds.

    I'm so glad we're finally getting the teen-centric episode Hirsch promised. They are easily some of the best-written supporting characters in a cartoon.

    While watching, Mabel notic…

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  • Peacexfreedom

    Season Reorder Edits

    November 25, 2014 by Peacexfreedom

    Hi.  Just in case people get fidgety about the many edits I'm making, I discussed this change with one of the admins.  Since the shorts aired before Season 2, it seems logical to have it listed in that order.

    Thank you.

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  • GravityFallsGeek


    November 23, 2014 by GravityFallsGeek

    Okay so, I like bands and shows and John Green and stuff. Umm let's see......


    • Fall Out Boy
    • Willamette Stone
    • Possibly 1D a little bit but im actually kind of afraid of becoming a directioner.
    • I occasionally will sing along to the radio but dont tell anyone


    • Doctor Who
    • Sherlock
    • Gravity Falls
    • Currently watching Supernatural


    • The Fault in our Stars
    • Big Hero 6
    • Wow i suddenly dont remember any movie ive ever watched


    • Anything John Green
    • If I Stay
    • Harry Potter
    • Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
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  • Geoff&Courtneyfan

    Can anyone help me?

    November 22, 2014 by Geoff&Courtneyfan

    I'm trying to create a page for Killbone (the other inmate int the prison), but I'm really not sure how. I got the name on top, but I quit after I realised I didn't know what I was doing. IDK how to add the infoboxes, or the catogories, or anything else. Please help me I need help. This random comment was brought to you by Ak-word Enterprises. (talk) 19:27, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

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  • CaveJohnson

    New Author theories

    November 21, 2014 by CaveJohnson

    Ok so. i've been thinking hard about the Author now, harder than i've ever thought before,  I mean the Author is a mystery again, before Society of the Blind Eye half the fanbase was convinced it was McGucket.

    Heck, I was convinced! right up until they had Dipper say his name in that promo, it sounded way too much like McGucket, and I knew they wouldn't reveal it in the promo.

    The thing that convinced me was Gideon Rises, that skull thing and Compass and Wooden table, it all looked like that leaked image! so I guess Alex Hirsch or someone else working on it faked it to lure people away from the true author? some people are screaming Stanford or Stanley, and part of me feels like Poolcheck, (for reasons explained in my other blog)

    This blog wi…

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  • Sparkarez

    POM Week

    November 21, 2014 by Sparkarez

    Ooooh boy, it sure has been a long time since one of these were made, huh? Anyway, as some of you may know the latest film installment to the Madagascar franchise "Penguins of  Madagascar" will be released very soon, and I decided to do the same thing we did last year with Despicable Me 2's release and invite everyone to join this week's avatar-changer. What we do is change our avatars to characters from the film. What does any of this have to do with Gravity Falls? Nothing really, but I figured it might be something enjoyable?...(then again, it might not be...idk.) This is completely optional, if you don't want to join this you don't have to.

    This begins November 21st up until the day of the film's release (November 26). You're also free to r…

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  • Liftboard Rider

    Well I have decided that it is time I started making some fan-fiction and maybe add some theories, though this fandom is pretty well mined out in terms of the theory department. Either way, this will soon be a place I will post Gravity Falls fanfiction I am going to be writing.

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  • MinecraftPercabeth

    On my quest for ultimate perfection: I'm going through all the episode transcripts re-wording incorrect quotes, fixing typoes, and undoing exagerated righting like LOTS OF CAPS and tons of exclamation marks!!!!

    (Apologies if this isn't what blog posts are for, this is my first one :P)

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  • YazzyDream

    Season 2 End Pages

    November 14, 2014 by YazzyDream
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  • Peacexfreedom

    Theories and Talk

    November 11, 2014 by Peacexfreedom

    Hello to anyone that actually reads these ;)

    Just putting it out there that I am always up for discussing anything and everything nerdy.  I love going back and forth on fan theories, random discussions, and the like.


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  • Ph1n3a5and77


    November 11, 2014 by Ph1n3a5and77

    Hey guys. I'm a new contributor here, but I'm making good progress here.

    Anyway, anything cool going on in this wiki?

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  • Speedo3539

    Gravity Falls My Pics

    November 9, 2014 by Speedo3539
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  • Miguelcamino

    Blendin Discussion

    November 5, 2014 by Miguelcamino

    Well, since I really like Blendin Blandin I want other people to discuss things about him. Also, tell me if you can't wait for "Blendin's Game", the 8th episode which is aired on 10 november.

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  • GravityFallsGeek11


    November 4, 2014 by GravityFallsGeek11

    Okay So This Is My First Blog Post And Um Yeah! Jus Letting U Know Bye!

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  • Rachin123

    Summerween Theme

    November 2, 2014 by Rachin123

    Recently the Summerween or Halloween theme for Gravity Falls wiki has returned to normal. Since I joined in October, I pretty much got used to it. It would've been nice to keep it dark and mysterious but oh well.

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  • DamiedeterJR

    This blog isn't gonna be that long, but anyone else thinking that the Summer Romance plotline that Mabel has going along with the series is starting to get annoying? It was interesting for the first few episodes of the series to have it, but I thought maybe it was gonna stop at Sock Opera or Society of the Blind Eye, but now I see it's going to another part of an episode in The Love God. I just think it's getting annoying and getting old already (At least Alex pretty much ended the Wendy and Dipper relationship plotline before it started to grow on me as well). What do you guys think?

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  • Mr B Natural


    November 1, 2014 by Mr B Natural

    Yesterday was Halloween, and although I did not go trick-or-treating or have a costume, many people at my school dressed up, and two dressed as Stan! All I did was tape a piece of paper to my shirt that said "This is a costume" and when people asked me what I was, I said "Lazy". Did anyone dress up? Did your work/school/whatever dress up, too? Anyone see GF characters?

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  • LaugingLochNessMonster

    Hello I Would Like To wish everyone on here a happy halloween.My costume will be godzilla.Yes I They Do have nessie size and i can fit in it..I would like to hear what you will go as for halloween

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  • YazzyDream

    Just wanted to make a list of every mention/sighting of the year 1982 and "30 years." Remind me if I've forgotten something.

    Image Info Episode
    Calendar. *July 4 is circled "Carpet Diem"
    Stan: 30 long years and it's all led up to this. My greatest achievement! "Scary-oke"
    Trigger: See there! There it is again.
    Powers: We haven't seen readings like this for 30 years. "Scary-oke"
    Calendar of 1982.

    Side note* Boxes labelled to 2070
    Dipper: It was like he was preparing for a disaster. But what kind of disaster would need supplies for over 60 years?

    "Into the Bunker"
    Map of Gravity Falls dated to 1982. "Into the Bunker"
    Dipper: You! What did you do to the real author?!
    Shapeshifter: You'll likely never find him. That six-fingered nerd hasn't been himself in 3…

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  • Michaelisawesome680


    October 29, 2014 by Michaelisawesome680

    Heloo,fellow mystery solvers.i am michael.a gf fan (doctor )who likes decoding. Bye

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  • StanFord

    Just registered

    October 29, 2014 by StanFord

    hello everyone! i read this wiki long time and today i registered! yay! 

    I just wanna tell you guyz about my theory, the true about carla

    i think carla is Gideon's mom! my first prove is Grey is the voice of the two, the second prove they have same finger count, the thierd prove is in episode 4 the "I've alway loved you but i can't say" and the cryptography in same episode. Bud take her from stan and stan destroyed Bud's car! so Bud sale cars! and bud delete Carla memory in the blindeye! so like that she become crazy!

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  • TheAnimeKid87

    1000th on the Wiki

    October 29, 2014 by TheAnimeKid87

    Hi! Alright, so not many of you probably know me. I am not here often, but that's about to change! I'd like to point out that I am 1000th on wiki, which is pretty cool. Especially because you have 1000 people who have actually edited. Time to start editing, hmm....what should I start with?

    Also, I do not know the blog rules here, so apologizes if it is to short.

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  • CaveJohnson

    So I saw Society of the Blindeye! AND WHOOOAAAA!

    Ok first off let me tell everyone, that if you haven't seen the episode, and wish to remain unspoiled, Then you definetily should not be reading this, I will be addressing many aspect's of the episode, my thoughts and theories.

    Ok so as everyone who watched it is now aware,



    Ok the way this episode was executed was SO brilliant, they totally made me legimately believe McGucket might be the author despite revealing it so early in the episode.

    Of course as it went on it became increasingly obvious they were trying to throw us off, it DID seem a little suspicious of them to reveal it at the beginning of the episode too.

    So McGucket being the Author's …

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  • Puppy0cam

    Summerween holidays!!!!!!

    October 28, 2014 by Puppy0cam

    welcome to summerween!!!!!! i am going on holiday during summerween!!!!!!! :( ill get to miss school!!!!!! ill hopefully get that itch out of my throat with pool water!!!!!!!! im gonna be swimming in the beach and pool!!!!!!!! ill hopefully stay in the shade!!!!!! its gonna be burning hot!!!!!!! better not wear my sunscreen!!!!! im gonna get a tan!!!!!! im gonna be popular at school afterwards!!!!!!! im gonna be finding out who wrote the journal days after everyone else finds out!!!!!!!!!! ill be offline most of the time!!!!!!! I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!! evedy ding is dffrnt now!!!!!!!! anydthing can hadplen!!!!!!!

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    Hey guys tell me about how you liked the new episode! Conspiracies, Ideas, Theories, And More! Everything "Society Of The Blind Eye" here!!! 

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  • Jennaheap2002

    Hi Gravity Falls wiki community! I know that it can be difficult for some people new to gravity falls to find places to watch and stream it. Before my friend Marenpallias showed me these two sites I was having a hard time finding them on youtube. This one is for streaming it live: and this one is for watching it once it's out: . I hope this helps! 

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  • Fussballmarss

    !!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT .. i guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    it hurts when i type to much...

    anyways I CANT WAIT !!....


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  • Cc dubswag

    The goat

    October 23, 2014 by Cc dubswag

    My theory of the goat is that cipher hides in him to watch dipper because in episode 1 the goat was digging where the book was and that's is how dipper found it once dipper got the book the goat was trying to bite it from dippers hands

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  • CaveJohnson

    Crazy crossover idea

    October 20, 2014 by CaveJohnson

    Ok so recently i've started reading into the show Adventure Time, (I still wouldn't call myself a fan of it but I kinda like it now.)

    And while this isn't something I think would happen (I mean come on the shows aren't even on the same network.) I just couldn't help but think how wonderfully Gravity Falls and Adventure Time would fit together.

    Adventure Time supposedly takes place after the events of a nuclear war (that somehow created the world they live in.)

    and Gravity Falls has been hinting at the possibility of a nuclear apocalypose.

    What did you guys think? is this good fanfiction material?

    i'm pretty much done with GF Fanfiction myself (aside from a collab i'm working on I doubt I will make more.) But I thought it was a cool idea someone…

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  • Rachin123

    First Article Of Mine

    October 20, 2014 by Rachin123

    I am glad to say I have created a article page on my own. I had to do a lot of research and development so I make it right. Now people can reference the page if ever needed in the future.

    Steadily but surely I am rising up to the experience of the Gravity Fall Wiki.

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  • SilverArcticWolff36

    Hey guys so halloween's almost here!! Yay!! :D Anyway, I saw the GF halloween episode a couple weeks ago, and I gotta say it was good. Will the GF crew do another halloween episode, or was that episode it for the halloween episodes for this year?

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  • Gravityfallslover24

    SAVE MABEL!!!!!

    October 16, 2014 by Gravityfallslover24

    "The Kiss of Life"

    A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

    By: Jared Simpson

    • It's a beautiful, hot day in Gravity Falls and Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, and Jared are swimming in Gravity Falls Lake*

    Jared: Hey Dipper! Watch this!

    Dipper: *watches Jared*

    Jared: *does a backflip in the water* Was that cool or what?!

    Dipper: Yeah! That was amazing!

    Jared: *water balloon hits him*

    Dipper: *water balloon hits him*

    • both look*
    • Mabel and Wendy are laughing at them*
    • all start laughing and throwing water balloons at each other*

    Wendy: *stops throwing balloons* Alright guys. *pants heavily* I'm tired. I'm gonna go take a nap.

    Dipper: *stops throwing and is panting heavily* Me too.

    • an hour later Wendy and Dipper are laying down on towels and sleeping*
    • Jared is talking to Jimmy Neutron o…
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  • Speedo3539

    Episode Ideas

    October 16, 2014 by Speedo3539
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