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    Hey guys, are you ready for Season 2? Cause I know I am! :P In this blog, I'm just going to lay down my hopes that happens in Season 2, and maybe a couple of things that I don't want to happen (maybe).

    This one's very obvious, but I do want to see what's Stan planning with with the portal? Like I said, that's obvious, it's going to probably be revealed to us within the 1st episode, but I just wanted to get this one over with.

    I liked Land Before Swine and The Time Traveler's Pig was ok. I bet you know why I mentioned these 2 episodes and if you don't, well here it is: 2 Waddles episodes. You might be wondering, Why 2? Well, I think 2 episodes is quite enough (even season 1 had 2 episodes (which are the previous 2 episodes I mentioned in this…

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    Stan Grunkle

    Goodbye forever

    April 8, 2014 by Stan Grunkle

    As of now I have no friends or purpose

    except that stupid cartoon Bugtropolis

    I dont care about anything now

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    KCA's: Rigged

    March 31, 2014 by Bloxdude47

    It has been discovered by the Phineas and Ferb wiki that the Kid's Choice Awards are rigged in favor of Spongebob. In the voting for Favorite cartoon Phineas and Ferb was supposed to have, roughly, over 3X the votes Spongebob did. However, SOMEONE manipulated the voting by the use of a computer program known as a bot. Bots are programs designed to do a repetitive action over and over again, very quickly. 

    This Bot was used to vote for Spongebob over and over again, faster than any human possibly could ever manage. Since the voting system for the KCA's allows anonymus voting, there is no way to prevent this, and Nickelodeon probably knows this, and doesn't care. They may be the perpetrators.

    This is all coming from this source here: https://t…

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    March 29, 2014 by Roadhawk

    Who I am and what I do

    • An Active Chatmod on the Animal Jam Wiki
    • I help my wiki with: CSS (Coding), Js. (Javascript), and ovbiously, moderating chat
    • I have made a bot on my wiki, only for editng tasks and am looking to turn it into a chatbot soon enough
    • I absolutely love Gravity Falls as it is the only decent show on Disney Channel today.
    • A serious fellow who can go derpy at times (insert trollface here)

    ​I hope all of you have gotten a basic idea of who I am! 


    Roadhawk (talk) 12:22, March 29, 2014 (UTC)Roadhawk


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    I figured since Disney Infinity has Phineas and Agent P figures, they should have Gravity Falls ones for Dipper and Mabel!

    Mabel could use her grappling hook as a weapon and Dipper could use the spear or something!

    And there could be some GF objects maybe?

    That would be cool right?

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    Vwosh Wosh Wosh,

    A blue police box apears over the Mystery Shack, and falls into the shack breaking the roof even more. A man with short black hair and a flat chin walks out demanding "I DEMAND TO BE AN OFFCIAL DOCTOR MOFFET! SCREAM OF THE SHALKA WAS AMAZING AND SO WAS I, RICHARD E. GRANTS DOCTOR!"

    Stan walks in, "whats with this dude, wait, you didn't pay to get in here, THEFT!"

    The unoffical 9th doctor seems amused, "this is strange, different art styles, I don't think this is BBCI anymore." Stan replies "what's with this dudes sloppy animation, is he suffering from NES slow down, man that reminds me, the horror channel is going to be playing old re-runs of a great show, well it was until Moffet. OH HEY A POLICE BOX I CAN SELL THIS SAYING I…

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    NintenDisney Beckster

    Hey, I was just on YouTube checking today's videos under a search for Gravity Falls... And I found a leaked short in Italian from Disney XD Italy! It is set up like the leaked short some call Stand-off at the Ragtime, beginning and closing with Mabel in a scrapbook. This one is about the time the Mystery Shack crew (Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Stan, and Soos) went to a petting zoo and found an 8-legged mutated cow, and snuck it out so it wouldn't be eaten. Here is a link!

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    It seems that Gravity Falls will be getting some merchandise this summer in the form of action figures and plushies. You can now preorder some stuff on Toywiz. If you look at the names of the products, (No pictures yet) you can see that they'll be releasing the action figures in two-packs. According to Toywiz, they'll be released in July, but it should be noted that this can change.

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    Remember Me?

    March 23, 2014 by StarTrekkie47

    I was going to put a hashtag in the title.

    I'm really depressed that I didn't.

    You have to hashtag everything these days.

    Please don't kill me social justice bloggers.

    I'm sorry. (Mhm, yeah, sure, "sorry")


    Hey. I'm Seki. And I don't come on often. *double pistols and a wink*

    If you couldn't tell I was doing one of those sly Jim Carrey faces.

    Why? Cause he's awesome, learn your movies.

    I basically "left" this wiki about maybe 3 months ago. I come on every now and then just to like see my friends again. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And every single time I've come back, I have seen things slowly falling apart.

    More users leaving.

    Friends quarreling endlessly.

    Random outbursts of rabid monkeys.

    It's been tough, I can tell. Especially with those rabid…

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    The Sqoou


    I am The Sqoou. You might know me as the YouTube user who thought up The Lebam Theory.

    It was suggested, in a comment, that I join this site, and here I Am.

    Some of my established theories are as follows:

    Lebam, Mabel's secret doppelganger.

    McGuckiplicity or The Secret McGucket clones.

    Stanford pines' secret clone.

    I am not making these up. These and the other theories on my channel, are all based on solid evidence and clues.

    If you would like to review the theories in great detail, then just have a look at my YouTube channel.

    I've also a Pinterest, Reddit, Etsy and Twitter, all under the name The Sqoou

    Also I am searching for actors to voice the characters in my upcoming Gravity Falls Full Disclosure series.

    Here is Ep…

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    I want to get in touch with the Gravity Falls Fanbase, Since I have not talked with the residents for a while, so yeah... Have a nice DAY!


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    Welp, Hi~

    March 17, 2014 by Rainbowdashskyldgh


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    Grub Menu

    March 16, 2014 by Yodaman123

    Main Dish: Brown Meat (For Apocalypse)

    Snacks: Overly Sensitive Owl cereal

    Sweets/Desserts: Smile Dip candy

    Beverage: Pitt soda

    Weird Things Mabel eats: Toothpaste

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    I recently read a post about 'Dipper/Gideon/Robbie's Fight' is a first episode of season 2. Where was this heard?

    • Gideon went to jail in Gideon Rises for being a fraud.
    • Though, I read that Gideon makes a gang to break out of jail.
    • Last time we saw Robbie, he had a boombox and wanted Wendy.
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    Season 2 episodes

    March 14, 2014 by Dipperfans

    I saw on this page, someone had added the name of the episodes, do you think these real?

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    The Nth Doctor

    Stop SOPA Now!

    March 13, 2014 by The Nth Doctor

    I just heard some very disturbing news. A new version of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Acts) is on the verge of being passed. If it does, all fanart, fanfiction, and fan-made videos could be considered "piracy" and removed. If you don't want that to happen, sign the petition against it here:

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    Stop SOPA 2014

    March 12, 2014 by Gumball2

    Attention fans of all fanfiction. It has come my attention that SOPA has returned and once again we are threatened to have our rights on this site and others taken away. Imagine a world where we can't openly express our feelings about copyrighted works through fanfiction, fanart, or even discussion.

    We still have time, though. There is a petition on White House Gov to sign. Just google it, get an account (if you don't already have one) on White House. Gov, and sign the petition that says "Stop SOPA 2014". But we have to act fast. We only have until March 19, 2014 to reach 100,000 signatures. If you love to work for this site and others like Deviantart or even just a small fan page, then act now! Fight for what you believe!

    Here is the link: …

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    The submission period is now CLOSED. Click here to see the final votes for your favorite foods!

    And the winning menu is...

    Hey Gravity Falls fans!

    Last year, we on the Wikia Staff saw Gravity Falls community rally hard around Pitt Cola in the Fictional Food Fight, and this year, you we say you all take Corndogs to victory in our Romantic Food Fiction Feast.

    So we wanted to give Gravity Falls it’s own moment in the spotlight with the Gravity Falls Grub Menu challenge! From Burrito Bites to Overly Sensitive Owl Cereal, we’re asking you the fans of the show to nominate and vote on which foods are the best foods from Gravity Falls.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. You must be logged into your Wikia account. Don’t have an account? No problem! Create an account…

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    You know what? I've been really bored lately, so I'm asking everyone a simple questionn: What is your biggest fear? Me? Well, my biggest fear is a creepypasta that goes by the name Sonic.exe. Ok, I lied. I'm not scared of it. I'm ABSOLUTLEY TERRIFIED of it. Don't know what Sonic.exe is? Google it, because I'll soil myself if I get you guys a link for it. -Shudder- But anyways, what are your biggest fears?

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    (will add more to my little list when I do find something)

    You can also find lots of lists in Maintanence Reports of pages put into special categories, and depending on the certain type, you can easily find short, orphaned, uncategorized or other type of thing pages. 

    For example, pages with the fewest revisions JUST MIGHT be pages that have not been updated acording to the show. Great chance for…

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    March 9, 2014 by AClockworkOrange

    This blog is dedicated to all the idiotic and stupid users of this wiki, I QUIT! (Comments are disabled to prevent Scrap from saying "yay" in the comments).

    Get out of my life you idiotic bullies.

    I will be contacting several friendly users on PM through GFW chat in the next few days and telling them a wiki I will be moving to so they can contact me. Only they will be allowed to know where I'm going. I don't want the bullies following me.

    ~Bill Cipher (talk) 19:19, March 9, 2014 (UTC)

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    Hello I'm back

    March 6, 2014 by Rzvegg

    Hello everyone most of which don't know me

    Its me, Rzvegg or Ruz (Ruzzy, Ruzzie, Ruzz can work fine as well) And I am back......yeah.

    Don't get all scared of me now, I'm not crazy after the Siege of My Shipping Blog. I think I'm normal I guess. Which may or may not be a bad thing?? Thought I'd pay you guys a visit since SEASON 2 IS COMING THIS SUMMER (yay). I feel sad though, due to many of my friends leaving, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I CAN'T MAKE ANY NEW ONES! Wait you don't fully know me nevermind.....

    Um so well, I guess this is me!

    I've been joining a lot of fandoms, like a LOT of fandoms and I've been active on my tumblr ( And from some friends I've met the other day, I've become a legend? I am ve…

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    Totally me245

    -Starts off with a guitar solo-

    Please, don't leave

    I know were falling apart

    But, I know we can fix this!

    I just know we can! But all were doing... is just fighting...

    We made a lot of users leave, were constantly fighting everyday...

    I know this song doesn't have rhythm or rhyme, but just hear me out!



    Bring this wiki back together! Let's just make-up and cherish!

    I know this won't work, but maybe, just maybe we can fix this!


    Scrap, ACO, you two have been fighting, constantly. Like a divorced couple! Same with Top!

    Luna, Cosmo, Don has apologized. Please forgive his apology, he didn't mean to get bored of the book you guys liked. But... does it matter?

    All this may seem dumb, but I know we can work it out! We can s…

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    Im getting all sad because what just happend...

    Scrap uh socked or something whatever you guys say and all that after he made as all sad yesterday its a sad mad thing. But i WAS sorda glad he came back!!! But then he got yea

    Another thing lunas gone because of bullying or whatever!!!

    Now, i miss everything when i first came here!!! Everything was nice and everyone was here and happy thee was no drama!!! Alison was here!!! now shes gone. She only comes here rarely. Lunas gone... i hope she comes back.. i hope she forgives don. Ruz just visited us yesterday which was AWESOME!!! She said she would come back and visit often which is good. Tops gone idk what happend to him!!! I barely see Dami!!!! 

    I miss everything that was happy and f…

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    Alex Hirsch: Season 2

    March 4, 2014 by Dipper14

    Guys Alex confirmed on his Twitter that Summer 2014 is the release of season 2!! :D

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    March 4, 2014 by Fallerfan816

    i want to start a zoo. lets start a zoo guys. and the zoo doesn't have to have only rare animals (for example lions and tigers) it can have gerbals and goldfish! but it could also have lions and tigers cause they are still cool. you can lay claim to the animal you want to be in the comments. there can be only TWO of each species in the zoo and i will update this blog when people decide what animals they wanna be. C'MON GUYS LETS MAKE A ZOOOO!!!


    • FallerFan816
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    Username Changed

    March 2, 2014 by Finn168719

    hello just incase you know that i am Captain MARIOWORLDXX and i changed my Username

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    Hey you guys! 

    Ok, i've noticed that some of you are freaking out/very confused. 

    Because CHAT IS GONE!

    Well, I have a very simple and correct answer: IT WAS REMOVED FOR 24 HOURS, STARTING AROUND 5:00 EST. TODAY, MARCH FIRST FOR ALL YOU AMERICANS.

    I bet you're wondering why. I was there, but I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU FOR FEAR OF GETTING MY HEAD BLOWN OFF! or just because I don't want to but anyway

    If you want to know, ask who was INVOLVED DIRECTLY in it! Try to get everyone's side of the story before jumping to conclusions, though!

    "BUT WHO ARE THE PPL???/???//?????"

    That would be 





    Miss AWAYYY! 00:44, March 2, 2014 (UTC)

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    Less Activeness :(

    February 27, 2014 by WishKat

    Hey, guys!

    I haven't really been online in a while, and here's why:

    I'm going to be less active on Wikia, because of schoolwork mostly. I just have so much to do! I'll miss all my friends on here! :P

    I just have so much schoolwork to do, what with all the snow days (Which seemed good at the time).

    I probably should warn you that Star will be less active as well.

    Bye, guys! Miss you!

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    Username suggestions

    February 26, 2014 by HobbitsLover

    Hi everyone! I've been thinking to change my username, but i dont know what to change it to. Any suggestions? P.S. I REALLY LIKE LORD OF THE RINGS AND STUFF RELATED TO THAT :D

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    Could Waddles Win a KCA?!

    February 25, 2014 by NathanGMan

    Recently, the nominations for the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards have been announced. I have been checking to see if Gravity Falls is being nominated, but instead, I stumbled upon a new category; Favorite Animal Sidekick. The nominations for that are Patrick Star (SpongeBob) Perry the Platypus (Phineas and Ferb), Sparky (The Fairly OddParents), and WADDLES!!! (Gravity Falls...duh) Could Waddles actually win this?!?! If you want him to, Vote Now! Here's the link! [1] Let's get both Waddles and Gravity Falls another award! The KCAs start March 29!

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    Idea To The Next Episode

    February 24, 2014 by Kikyogirl

    I have a Idea to the next episode of gravity falls.

    Title: Twinlight

    Short plot: Dipper have been watch by someone, he meets a girl named Elise and she appearently likes Dipper very good, but Dipper notice something dark about this "Elise".

    Later in the episode: Elise reveal herself to be a vampire, and she decide that Dipper shall be her Vampire King. Why? Because Dipper have become strong and brave and she has watching Dipper fight againts Gideon.

    When Dipper refuse, she kidnaps him and Mabel must rescuers him.

    When Mabel battles Elise, Elise transforming herself into a giant vampire bat.

    After Elise is defeated, she swears that she will destroy Mabel and claming Dipper as her King.

    What do you guys think? Make a comment about it.

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    February 23, 2014 by Panthers11

    Bill is a mind DEMON.

    He haunts you

    He remembers all

    He sees all

    He is always WATCHING ಠ_ಠ


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    Hi There

    February 22, 2014 by Tuckyd

    It's-a-me Tuckyd

    (These should rhyme incase you were ever wondering on how to pronounce my name.)

    Well, I am going to try to be more active again on the wiki. I have still been updating the twitter periodically so I haven't been totally inactive. If there is anything I should know, or anything you want to tell me, feel free to let me know on here.

    Also, I am considering doing a new AA series. I you have thoughts on that, I would like to know. Or if you would like to be in it, also let me know.

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    QOTD Number 1!

    February 22, 2014 by MAOForce

    Ok, I want to do this QOTD thing for 3 reasons. Firstly I want to get involved in the GF community more. Secondly I have a ton of questions that I want your opinions on, and lastly im just bored. Occasionally I will not post QOTD because of school and other inturuptions but ill try to keep it on a consistant basis. 

    Ok, our first QOTD is (Drumroll)........ Who is you favorite GF character? Now I dont want to sound like a math textbook and say "Explain why" and that junk but if you can please pive me a reason for your liking.

    Thanks for reading I cant wait to hear (Or see I guess) your responses!     

    Now the picture of the day (POTD).                                                                     

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    I've just watched a show on the TV, and it made me quite mad, because of the typical stereotyping of us Brits, so the show had 2 British kids being babysitted by 2 Americans, then they have new phones and the Americans want some, so they pay $500 for them and the British con them and just give them rocks, then the British start spraying people with a hose and start being a pair of spoilt brats, then they pay $500 for a bingo card to win a tv, but they get arrested. Not all British hate the Americans, and we are not all con men/women, and we are not all spoilt brats that shout and spray people with hoses, and we don't all say "'ello 'ello 'ello what's goin' on 'ere then?" or stuff like that in a stereotypical cockney accent, because not all…

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    Hey everyone, well, its day two without chat and its getting BOOOOOOOORING!

    Thanks to TM, there is a current replacement.  I have created a Chatzy room while this chat is out.  Please come on if you wanna chat. Thanks!

    Link to room --->

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    So far, I think that, The Pigman, Paul was a bad idea since there was already a book called "The Pigman". I realize that if I made a show under that name, the show would have some resemblance to that same name, so I decided to delay the idea. Plus, I didn't get the ideas from mostly myself. Some of these ideas I had to get from things like "Fairly OddParents", and mostly I created this show only for a video game in the series. So I decided that since The Pigman, Paul is delayed, I will make a new series replacing it. Problem is, I don't know what the show is called. The reason why I have trouble with dealing with delaying The Pigman, Paul is because the show, I can't think of anything original. Truth is, for me, it's hard to, and it only c…

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    Stan Pines

    February 20, 2014 by Aquaticstar

    Hey guys! SO, I have a theory that Stan Pines might be the devil.

    1. I was recently watching a video that decoded Bill Cipher. It showed DIpper's hat, an ice bag from one or two of the episodes, and other stuff like that. When my mother saw, she told me to put it right off.  As my family is very religious, she said the one eye on Bill CIpher means the devil is watching you or something. She also said that the star on top of GIdeon's tent was another sign of the devil. I am banned from watching that video because of it's contents so I can not give you the link but I think the title was 'Bill Cipher DECODED".

    2. On Stan'a car, in the video 'Bottomless Pit' it said 'The Devil' in spanish on Stan's car wheras it could also mean he might have sto…

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    Episode I made 36

    February 20, 2014 by Darthwatch789

    I call this one: ...i have no name for it yet.

    ???: I found the stone. The destruction stone.

    Red Eye: Really?

    ???:  Yes. (hands it to RE)

    Red Eye: (laughs evily)


    Dipper: im bored...

    Cody: (walks in MS) hi!

    Dipper: hey. im bored..

    Cody: Im not. Im in a good mood.

    Dipper: What happend?

    Cody: There was a stone that the unknowns were seaching for and i found it.

    Dipper: Destroy it then.

    Cody: I gave it to Red Eye.

    (ill do more later)

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    Bad Boy Dipper

    February 18, 2014 by GravityFallsFan


    Customer: *walks into the Mystery Shack*

    Wendy: Welcome to the Mystery Shack.

    Customer: Oh hello darling! May I have these...snowglo- no... *looks around* Puma shi- nah... uhh.... 

    Wendy: Just pick anything!

    Customer: These things are so hard to choose from

    Wendy: *faceplants on counter*

    Dipper: *walks in with journal,hides it when sees customer* Hey welcome to the Mystery Shack...anything I can help you with Ma'am?

    Customer: How sweet! Yes I need help figuring out what to pick from these things. *Points at snowglobes,Puma shirts,and bobble heads*

    Dipper: Hmmm... Well the snowglobes don't cost that much money if you want to save. *erases 99 from…

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  • 36

    Well guys, seems like TWO common Wikia glitches has so far happened today.  I don't know why these things are happening, but it is just crazy!  

    1.  Chat is broken yet again, just about any chat on Wikia freezes when you enter and strangly, shows the last user(s) that were on before this happened.  Hopefuly Wikia should be fixing this soon.

    2.  Profile pic problem, like a while back, if you switch your profile pic, now you will just get a blank one.  I'd advise anyone who hasn't changed their's yet DON'T until this problem is resolved.

    3.  (Thanks Bill!) There also seems to be a problem with emails as well, as it may end up as just random codings.

    I darn hope Wikia can fix this soon because its really boring without chats or your profile pic. …

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  • 2


    February 18, 2014 by ScrapDoodle

    Hey, so the chatroom's not loading for me, and I can't edit on threads. Is this just happening to me?

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  • 4



    • Meow
    • Bark
    • Quack
    • Moo


    • meow mix (meow meow meow meow...)
    • Nationwide (nationwide is on your side)
    • State farm (Like a good neighbor state farm is there)
    • Hillshire farms (GO MEAT)




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    Totally me245

    Hey everyone! I'm making a little something I call a "Blog Book". This is where I would be making chapters of a story on my blog. So, this story I call "The Secrets to the Paranormal". I thought of doing this just for fun n'stuff. Anyways, I really don't know what to do for this... so I will just wing it instead  (It's a terrible idea I know, but it's for the fun!) I'm sorry if the story won't be good, but I will try! Anyways, enjoy chapter 1!

    "One, two, three! I'm coming!"

    Annabeth removed her hands from her eyes and looked back. She scavenged around her backyard. From the bushes to looking behind the trees, she was looking for her friend.

    "Alright, I give up! You win I guess..." As rustling noises could be heard, Annabeth turned to her righ…

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  • 0
    Helmet pig the failure of the month
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    Hello guy who reads this, I'm writing this only for find that guy who decoded cryptogram in the end of DGTU (I was so blind one) for ask hum, "DAMN! DUDE, HOW YOU DID IT???"

    Love,... wait, love? Why love? Let's go with another random word.

    balalaika, Dobrojelatel240300

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    QOTD 2

    February 12, 2014 by AlisonBlue123

    QOTD 2!


    When is your wiki anniversary?


    Who is your favorite villian in GF BESIDES GIDEON?

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    Stanley pines

    February 12, 2014 by Amiami89

    Hey guys, just wanted to pop in for a bit. So do y'all know Vailskibum94? well he's on youtube and does gravity falls things.And the stanley pines theory got me thinking. There could be a another twin because 1. stan pines and stanley have diffrent glasses lens shapes. One is pointed up and the other is square. 2. stan was kinda grumpy in Carpet Diem when entering the room with the weird carpet. He hastily put the glasses in his pocket and the calender with the owl, had the circled date on july 4 1980 something. So could there be a twin?

    What do you guys think?


    (i also wanted to know other theories you guys have, or other pieces of evidence of this Stanley pines.Thanks, guys)

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    February 11, 2014 by Amiami89

    Just wanted to check in here, so how is everyone??

    I'd love to know!!=)


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