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  • OnlyOnTuesdays88


    Ok. I'm good now.

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  • Valkryie247

    Update on that last blog article, I don't think I'm getting a hair cut today.

    Isn't my blog just soooo exciting! I bet you can't wait to read the next one! x3

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  • Valkryie247


    April 13, 2015 by Valkryie247

    Tomorrow I'm getting some of my beautiful (up for debate) long, it's actually not that long at all,  hair snippy-snippy'd off...


    I'll probs take a before and after picture or something lol

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  • OnlyOnTuesdays88

    In Tony's defense all of those deaths were completely justifiable. What, was he just supposed to let Stane and Loki and the others walk? Sure Tony is a jerk but he's a millionaire. That just comes with the job.

    Anyone who doesn't know who Tony Stark is has just lost some respect from me. And you call yourself nerds. 

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  • Pica2003

    Ok so as many of you may have noticed there are TONS of candidates for deletion, and alot are just pages with literaly no content. I don't mean to tell the admins how to do their job, but this really needs to be looked into.

    Category Link: for Deletion Category:Candidates for Deletion

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  • EnderEmerald46

    It Started With Ten... is the 1st episode of Ten Little Users.

    It begins with darkness. Suddenly, a light turns on, a lantern. 2 people are unconscious, one in a red shirt, the other in a blue shirt. Both are female, the red-shirted girl waking up first. She recognizes the girl, an old school friend by the name of Titanic. She wakes Titanic up, and the two try to find out where they are. Titanic remembers the girl, nicknamed TM by friends. While trying to find their way out of the room, TM finds a photo taped to Titanic's back. Taking it off, they see the photo is of a blue-gem necklace and matching bracelet. On it, the words "You've been wearing shame for far too long, Titanic" are written. Surprised, she checks TM's back, also finding a phot…

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  • Biby-Dimy

    I'm confused...

    April 12, 2015 by Biby-Dimy

     I was looking into Dipper Pines/Gallery and I saw that in the section for the episode "The Golf War" are 5 pictures (the first ones) which I haven't seen before in this episode. Can you make me understand why are they in there? Maybe I didn't see the complete episode. Please help me!

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  • BoredandProud

    So my name is BoredandProud! Going by the aka name of Taco, I am a fair reasonable guy but to say I probably will end up getting involved in another person's business resulting in a bad bare-knuckle fist fight...yeah I'm also a bit OP. But once you get to know me I'm a pretty funny guy who will always spend his time in chat as I have PLENTY of spare time. If you annoy me though, you will be bitten by my DOGE, which can sniff out my mortal yeah, that's me and I hope to contribute to this Wiki as much as I can! Please, your applause.

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  • Valkryie247


    April 11, 2015 by Valkryie247

    Heeeyo! This is Valk here bringing the people of the Gravity Falls chat my very own blog! (that no one is going to read prolly) 

    I'm not 100% positive about what kind of stuff you're supposed to put into a blog exactly, but I have my ideas. For instance, just, if anything interesting occurs in my life, if I just want to strike up an interesting topic, or even different episode reviews for certain shows that I like (mostly probably Gravity Falls because that IS what this wiki is for xD)

    For my first blog entry I really can't think of much to say besides this little announcement thingy... So thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoy and look forward to my hopefully many blog entries to come!

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  • Mr B Natural

    Fighters fight

    April 9, 2015 by Mr B Natural

    Can Gravity Falls survive Google Translate?

    Woman, why are you so cray-keureyieul ackin?


    Synopsis: His favorite fighter jets fighter, Mc Skirmish rumble comes to life to protect him, but Wendy's time to find out how to scoop that can stop him from serious injury to lose control of the men in the fight by a friend soon rumble lobby challenge, then scoop the lobby shock.

    The episode opens to Soos showing Mabel and Stan around an arcade.
    Soos This, I have friends in gravity Falls is my favorite place. I know, I learned right here. The frog geonneoeul the way I teach. When my house is haunted, I learned how to eat the ghosts. Teach you how to dance to this thing.
    McGucket (Dancing on an out of order dancing machine) Woo-hoo-hoo! I'm right her…

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  • Totally me245

    What I noticed

    April 9, 2015 by Totally me245

    You know what I have noticed? I noticed that in the past, anyone who joined the wikia would always edit the overview without knowing that you cannot edit it. Evergreen would always reply to those people, telling them to not edit it. It's actually funny when you think about it.

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  • EnderEmerald46

    Ten Little Users

    April 9, 2015 by EnderEmerald46

    Ten Little Users, One Was Malign...

    Ten Users

    One Crate

    Many Rooms

    One Killer

    In a comment, answer the following:

    • What is your name or nickname? (How you will be referred to in story?)
    • Name a crime from your past (Ex. Held up a bank, can be fictional) 
    • What is your favorite color?
    • Name yourself in three words. Be honest

    Once Ep. 1 comes out, you'll be able to come up with a vote of:

    • Who do you think is the killer? (Ep. 1 Only)
    • Who do you think will die next?
    • What will be used to kill? (List will be revealed at Ep. 1)

    Ep. 1 will come out after 10 entries

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  • OnlyOnTuesdays88

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  • LaugingLochNessMonster

    Happy Easter or what ever day it is in your relegion.

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  • BrettThopmson

    New Episode

    April 4, 2015 by BrettThopmson

    New Episode! Name The Shadow and Cipher


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  • Bonkilemonster

    Ever dreamed of being a voice actor? Well here's your chance to be one!

    Even if your'e NOT interested AT ALL, please read this blog and tell your friends about it!

    There is a mirror blog in TDwiki with all the info and some pictures too! Please go ahead and check it!

    Hey hey hey! My name is Jake, and I am the creator of the series' "Total Drama Gone Wild!". This series is my own self created animated seriesThough I do most of the making of the show myself (writing, designing and animating) I still need the help of 20 awesome people who are willing to take part of the show and be a voice actor. Do you want to be a voice actor from your'e house? Audition to the characters Help me out to create the series, enjoy the process and the voice acting! W…

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  • Ylimegirl

    Bill AMA

    April 2, 2015 by Ylimegirl

    So, the famous Bill Cipher posted an AMA a few hours ago. You can see the AMA here, but its kind of a lot of questions to go through. I'm too busy at the moment, but I was able to choose some interesting answers. The list can be seen here, with each source link and a brief description of what it says. So... edit away!

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  • Geoff&Courtneyfan

    Yes, I was born on April Fool's Day. I'm 22. That's the end of the sentence. This random comment was brought to you by Ak-word Enterprises. (talk) 00:47, April 2, 2015 (UTC)

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  • BlindIvan

    i'm Back

    April 1, 2015 by BlindIvan

    hello again puny Wikipedians 'm back with bill cipher to destroy you all

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  • BlindIvan

    I'm Back

    April 1, 2015 by BlindIvan

    Hello again puny Wikipedians I have remembered who I am and I have come here along with Bill Cipher to destroy you all

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  • LaugingLochNessMonster


    April 1, 2015 by LaugingLochNessMonster

    I Quit The Wiki Scroll Down For More Info

    Happy April Fools.

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  • Prophit1970

    My Challenge:

    Find me another figure, in reality or fiction, who always wears this look.

    1. David Lynch has worn ONLY this look in public for decades.
    2. Is there any figure nearly as well-known as David Lynch who is known for wearing this look exclusively? I say, no.
    3. Twin Peaks is an inspiration and repeatedly a source of allusion for Gravity Falls:

    • Gideon took Mabel to the restaurant with Black Lodge/Red room elements like the zig-zag floor pattern in "The Hand that Rocks the Mabel".
    • The end credits of "Dreamscaperers" are a tribute to the opening credits sequence of Twin Peaks.

    • The title "Not What He Seems" is taken from the mysterious and important Twin Peaks phrase, "The owls are not what they seem."


    • The opening credits of both Twin Peaks and Gravity …

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  • Jeager Bombastics

    I've been deepy thinking about all the things that Bill has been doing to lead up to his big plans in the future, but we still have no idea what those plans are. I personally believe that he is going t use Stan's brother for something now that he is back, since bill is the one who tricked the author into building the portal in the first place. What do you guys think that Bill is trying to accomplish?

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  • Fire86743


    March 26, 2015 by Fire86743


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  • OnlyOnTuesdays88

    war is bad

    March 25, 2015 by OnlyOnTuesdays88

    I'm not trying to mini-mid but this is getting annoying. I would like to remind everyone about this wiki's policy on edit wars.

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  • Smashly1028


    March 24, 2015 by Smashly1028

    Hello. I was reading through my blog posts and... wow, I need some help getting overy the fact that I thought they were great. I'm very ashamed of myself. Wow. Um. Don't judge me, I made stories when I was 8 and I decided to use them to make GF fanfictions. I edited it a little so it would have more of the Gravity Falls feel, but it was terrible. I should write other Gravity Falls fanfictions. I'm a better writer now and I have this amazing crossover idea. Ehh, I'm not sure if I should. I should start my homework. Bye!

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  • Totally me245

    Series Spin-off

    March 23, 2015 by Totally me245

    Well, since I want to practice my creative writing skills, I want to try it this way. I'll be creating different gravity falls short stories using GF's AU's. (If you don't know what an AU is, it's Alternate Universe.) Should I do it in script form or writing form?

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  • Gravityfalls iscool


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  • Mr B Natural



    Apparently Mabel likes... pools...

    Can Gravity Falls survive Google Translate?

    Synopsis: Go back in time to scoop him she starts going out into the lobby when he wants to cancel the mistakes made by Wendy, he finds a time machine is that you can go back to that time. When she won the Fair Pet Pig On the other hand, is contrary to Mabel at first sight.

    The episode opens to the Mystery Fair getting built.
    Stan There she is Marvell cheap process can borrow money. I spared at all costs.
    We hear Dipper screaming. He crashes to the ground in a broken sky tram.
    Dipper I think the sky tram is broken. In addition, most of my bones.
    Stan Haha, man. All right, all right. I've got a job for you. (Pulls out a bunch of fake safety inspection certifi…

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  • Tuckyd

    TGGFQT Round of 64

    March 20, 2015 by Tuckyd


    Hey everyone and welcome to the first round of The Great Gravity Falls Quote Tourney. Peacexfreedom and I assembled your submitted quotes into 4 categories of 16 quotes each. Those categories are

    • Stan Quotes
    • Dipper and Mabel Quotes
    • Best of Season 1
    • Best of Season 2

    When each of those sections of 16 has a winner, we will have the semifinals and finals of the quote tournament. Anyways, without further ado, I present the voting section!

    Also, make sure to read all the way to the end because there is a surprise!

    If YOU have a FAVORITE Gravity Falls Quote that was left out of the initial round of voting, comment it on the blog because- the quote commented the most on the blog will be re-entered into the bracket in a future round

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  • Attorney Yuri 001

    Dear fellow Gravity Falls Entusiast,    Go and watch this Youtuber's Gravity Falls Animation...

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  • Kyleskousen

    The bill cficer

    March 19, 2015 by Kyleskousen

    I just realized that on bill's wheel, each symbol stands for ONE character. We know that the glasses stand for stanley and the six fingered hand for the athour, but now we have learned that Stanley IS the author, who does the glasses stand for now?

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  • SecretlyAnAnimatronicFox

    It's the minor character tournament! For all the great characters that no one cares about. Comment your votes below! 

    ROUND 1:

    Steve the Gnome VS Polly the Lilliputtian

    Dr. Karate VS Hoo-Ha Owl

    Woodpecker's Husband VS Mrs. Gleeful

    Mr. Cat-Face VS The Northwest's Butler

    Grandpa the Kid VS Shimmery Twinkleheart

    Reggie's Fiancee VS Giant Vampire Bat

    Greggy C. VS Beardy

    Lolph VS Steve the Penguin

    The Manatee VS Gorney

    Rock that Looks Like a Face VS The Sascrotch

    Round 1 will end on April 4.( Sorry that I delayed this for so long. I just need some more votes.)

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  • Peacexfreedom

    Have Patience

    March 18, 2015 by Peacexfreedom

    Hey (to whoever reads this),

    I don't know what's up with the galleries I add to. I'll fix that shortly. Just bear with me

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  • Someanimechick


    March 18, 2015 by Someanimechick

    ya know the goat for reasons i think its bill look at his eyes and its aways their and on dippers bed why everyone has some dark past or secret so add reasons here guys sorry im busy and also im sonic.exefan1o1 mkay so you dont you get confused guyz

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  • Marclee

    in stan is not what he seems have we seen the author stans brother stanly but i think that his name is not stanly  i think it is dexter in on scene we have heard that stan have sad not now dexter i become so much far and i think that he mean his brother i want to now waht do you think about my theory ?

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  • Totally me245

    Season 2 Theories

    March 17, 2015 by Totally me245

    Come up with theories here for season 2. So far one theory came true, which may lead us further into more theories. Come up with some here! :D

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  • Tuckyd


    Hey hey hey! Now that the foretold hiatus is upon us, we need some entertainment to help pass the time. Sooooooo, I am hosting the first annual Great Gravity Falls Quote Tournament (GGFQT).

    Essentially, we are too cool to have one of those character tournaments or episode tournaments. That's right, we are going to have a quote tournament.

    Anyways... through this tournament we will find the best Gravity Falls quote of all time~ or at least up through "Not What He Seem." Every user may nominate 3 quotes for the tournament and those quotes will be entered into brackets for the first round! This round will close on March 19th.

    Comment awa…

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  • Pica2003

    Just wanted to see what you guys think of this new one instead.


    All animation is black magic.
    This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the Gravity Falls universe.


    Let the shipping begin!
    This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the Gravity Falls universe. Read more >
  • Pica2003

    I wanted to start a voting session on the main carecter's page on this wiki's home page. The exact name of the template is Template:caracterportal and i wanted to know your opinion on new caracters to add.  vote Pacifica to be added

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  • Mooimimi

    I have noticed that now that we've more information, we're more lazy.

    We don't search more theories - we sit back and wait for them to come.


    No, as in "No, There are lots of more stuff to find".

    As in "No, we don't know everything".

    But "Yes" as in "Yes, there is a major possibility that the author doesn't know everything".

    As in "Yes, maybe he didn't really die from a car crash".

    Always ask yourself, "Why?", or "How?".

    Consider everything - leave nothing untouched.

    Second, you should look at everything - especially old theories and every moment in old episodes. And new ones. And promos. And previews. And trailers. I thought now, of looking for certain patterns in things not understood.

    What do you think we should do?

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  • Itsjustme219

    Character Poll

    March 12, 2015 by Itsjustme219

    Just for fun, since I'm new, I wanted to know everyones favorite characters.

    Mine is Dipper, then Mabel, followed by Soos, Stan and rounding out the top 5 is Wendy.

    My favorite secondary characters are Grenda, Candy and Toby.

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  • Brett307

    Season 2 News Roundup

    March 12, 2015 by Brett307

    Hello all! This is a blog I actually intend on keeping updated, generally to coincide with the release of a new episode, trailer, or any other piece of news worth covering. The intention is to gather relevant and informational news released on the progression of Season 2, episode clues, or other little goodies from our Gravity Falls overlords we might have overlooked.

    Most of this content comes from this lovely interview conducted over at the A.V. Club with Hirsch, and a few other bits and pieces from a few Twitter accounts. Hopefully sources can get more organized as I make more of these posts.

    WARNING. This post will contain massive spoilers of major plot points in the Gravity Falls mythos. I encourage you to avoid reading this post if you …

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  • Tristen748

    gravity falls

    March 12, 2015 by Tristen748
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  • OnlyOnTuesdays88

    "Networks are pretty tight lipped about programming strategies, but I've been told that Gravity Falls will return 'this summer.'" - Alex Hirsch ......................NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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  • Peacexfreedom


    March 11, 2015 by Peacexfreedom

    (I hope at least one person sees this)

    I just noticed that the page of the journal that is shown in the theme song is likely from Journal 1, and NOT from Journal 3!!! I put the two pictures here! (As far as I could tell from other pictures, this page was never actually seen to be from Journal 3 specifically)

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  • RealityUnhinged

    This is what I have so far!

    (I'll keep it updated!)

    -RU (talk) 01:28, March 11, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Mincanta7

    Glass Shard Beach

    March 10, 2015 by Mincanta7

    I don't know if everyone already noticed this, so sorry if you already knew:

    A few months ago, while my friend and I were working on our replica Journal 3, we noticed that The Tooth page said something about how the author loved the Gravity Falls Lake because it reminded him of his childhood and Glass Shard Beach. At the time, I thought it was just some weird filler text (since that is common in this show), but now believe it may be important.In "Not what He seems",  a book is seen on Stan's shelf labeed as Glass Shard High Yearbook, or something like that. This would lead me to believe that Stan (if that even is his name) and the Author grew up on Glass shard Beach. Again, I'm sorry if you already knew this, but I didn't see anyone refer t…

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  • Kyleskousen

    not what he seems

    March 10, 2015 by Kyleskousen

    I've watched the new eposode of Gravity Falls: Not what he seems, and I was blown away by the ending. I suspected that Stan had a brother, but I never thought he was the author! This twist ending has made me not able to wait for the next eposode!

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  • CaveJohnson

    Not what he seems

    March 10, 2015 by CaveJohnson

    Ok, i'm pretty sure it's ok for me to post this blog as long as I give a fair warning, if not go ahead and take it down admins.

    Anyway, for those of you who haven't seen it, this blog contains spoilers for the new episode 'Not what he seems' and they are REALLY big spoilers, so if you don't want some of the most epic things spoiled for you, I recommend not reading this if you haven't seen it.

    (Also, this is long, bewarb.)

    It's been a while since my last theory blog, and I realize I don't get on the chat much anymore.

    (Largely because i'm busy writing MLP FIM fanfics, as well as my own original series, and drawing characters for it.)

    So the first thing I wanna talk about, is the biggest reveal, actually hold up..

    the TWO biggest reveals, after al…

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