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  • Valkryie247

    Alright so, for most peeps here in the U.S., the end of the school year is upon us. Mine just happens to come with 110% more stress and terrible-ness. .-. 

    Again, like my other blog entry, not sure if this much inactivity is worth reporting but, I might be on a tiny bit less in the following couple weeks. My school is throwing tons of finals and state distributed tests, plus final projects and essays and it's just a mess ._.

    On top of it all, I've been missing out on a lot of sleep lately, I only got 4 hours last night due to personal issues. So all in all what I'm trying to say is, for the next couple weeks I'll be on like usual, probably not as much. Usually I log on at around 2 PM or so and leave at 12 AM (even earlier on weekends) but no…

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  • Sandgar

    Sandgar Campaign HQ

    April 22, 2016 by Sandgar

    Hello there . My name is Sandgar, and I am a user here who is running for admin. I would like to show you a little about my policies, and why I am qualified for the adminship. I will also being doing a Q & A in the comment section below, which will allow any user to me about any concerns or things that you want to know how I would handle them.

    To begin, I will state that I am an admin on three wikis. One wiki, Happy Tree Friend Wiki, I am the leader of the wiki, which I was voted into by admin, and later affirmed by the community. I have run the wiki with a purpose of making it more progressive, and was the one to bring elections for admin to it, and have made community inclusive decisions a major part of how things are decided. I am also a…

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  • Finn&JakeHero425

    I would like to know which everybody's favorite scene out of the whole series is. Leave your answers in the comments below!

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    April 21, 2016 by FNAFCHICK

    FNAFCHICK  Options

     *Hi, Gravity Falls Wiki. Welcome to the Mystery Shack's Secret Chatroom! Please read our Code of Conduct to avoid getting kicked or banned. Remember, The Society is watching. ಠ_ಠ 

    • 10:44FNAFCHICKI'm allllllllllll alone, I'm all alone, I'm o-o-o-o-o-ooooo!!
    • AwesomeOrange89 has entered the Mystery Shack Secret Chatroom! 
    • AwesomeOrange89 has left the Mystery Shack Secret Chatroom. 
    • 10:53FNAFCHICKCome on Orange, sit down and chat!
    • LadyGravity129 has entered the Mystery Shack Secret Chatroom! 
    • 10:54FNAFCHICKHi LG
    • 10:54LadyGravity129Hi
    • I'm playing Pokemon Sacred Gold
    • 10:54FNAFCHICKHeh,....LG....
    • Cool....I use to like pokemon
    • LadyGravity129 has left the Mystery Shack Secret Chatroom. 
    • 11:02FNAFCHICKcrap
    • ..............I'm all alone I'm all alon…

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  • Lightningsoos78

    Guys, seriously. I really think there posibly might be a spin of show with Ford and Stan in the arctic ocean. I have good evidence! In the book Dipper's and Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun!, on the Bill's page, he talks about "Real Secrets". But they're all just silly except for one. Bill Cypher says: "Global warming will eventually release something frozen in a glacier that's almost as powerfull as me!" And Ford says he's "detecting some strange new anomalies near the arctic ocean". The glacier that holds the powerful thing is melting, thus causing anomalies. Alex Hirsch already planned the next "season"! Maybe we could have some flashback episodes about the adventures of Stanford in the Universe Portal. And who knows what the th…

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  • Otherside86


    April 19, 2016 by Otherside86

    Is it possible Tambry and Pacifica's magenta-haired friend are sisters?

    We never exploded any personal details or family history these characters. It's quite possible.

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  • Spider-Man101

    I kind of get why you have to mention why Mabel has no lines in Part 1 on her page, but why on Dipper's? It feels unnecessary.

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  • Mabel43201

    I hate my self

    April 18, 2016 by Mabel43201

    All I gotta say is, 12 - 13 year old self is really cringy, man my writing was so bad, jeez, kill me

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  • Slenderman'sProxySapphire

    Hey guys im just saying that i was with my sister doing my trial for prom so erm yea

    thanks for understanding 



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  • Slenderman'sProxySapphire

    Hey guys,

    im just going to be away from the 9th to the 11th of may because of my grade 12 retreat and probably be away on the 27th of may because i have prom coming soon, so this is just a notice for everyone.



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  • ThatGuy30722


    April 13, 2016 by ThatGuy30722

    I may not be as active on wiki as much. My mom doesn't really want me on wiki, or online in general. Honestly, I think that if she had her way, the Internet as a whole wouldn't exist at all! So bye, sort of.

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  • Slenderman'sProxySapphire

    Ok so some people know why i was away from four days, and this is why.

    i told my family that i would be doing a work trail in a cafe in town (cuz i live out side of town in the outback). my family went beserk... my dad took my laptop off me for mostly a week but it was only four days, and i had to have my laptop ( what im using for Wikia and everything else...) because school had started once again in Australia. 

    And because im using a school laptop, my school IT dept decided to put in BIC Agent which denies nearly everything that i had on my laptop but the restrictions went to far and i couldnt get on anything, so now i have many things unblocked from school, like Wikia for example.

    So hope you guys understand whats been happening my end of …

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  • Tepig Trainer

    I have a friend that I think would really like the show, but refuses to watch it because its from  Disney. And thinks it is just for little kids. I've tried to show him an episode, but he refuses to take that long. Most trailer videos I've found only focus on the mystery and action, they also tend to have spoilers. I want to make a video that shows off all of the aspects of the show. The humour, mystery, adventure, etc. I also want to give an idea of what the characters are like. Any suggestions for specific clips or how to format something would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Ditto Creeper Bot

    Yes, the truth is....I RELEASED THE FIRST 3D EPISODE XD Here it is --


    3D cyan/red glasses


    This would be my first and last blog post of the episode here, I'm posting the rest here though.

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  • Nathaniel Bormans

    So I literally have no idea what to write on blogs, I'm just writing this to get one of the awards to get a better ranking on the wiki, but anyway its awesome fun editing and contributing to the Gravity Falls wiki

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    Gravity Falls-

    April 1, 2016 by FNAFCHICK

    I miss Gravity Falls more then anything, a lot of kids at my school though it was dumb, and stupid. But its not about the jokes or the Chiphers.... Its truely about the charaters. Dipper was kind, smart, brave, (AND HANDSOM)! Mabel was cute, bubbly, sweet, and creative! Stan was........... yah!!!! AMEN GRAVITY FALLS, AMEN!!!

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  • ThatGuy30722

    Four Badges at Once

    March 31, 2016 by ThatGuy30722

    I just got 4 badges with one edit. Sorry if this comes off as bragging.

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    Be safe!

    March 31, 2016 by FNAFCHICK

    I just wanted to remind every one to be safe online, also, sorry if I sound like a parent! 

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    HI HI!

    March 30, 2016 by FNAFCHICK

    Hi peoples, I just wanted to  say Hi! Also I just wanted to ask, am I the only one who cried for 2 HOURS AFTER GRAVITY FALLS ENDED?!! 

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  • ThatGuy30722

    Third Symbol Cipher

    March 29, 2016 by ThatGuy30722

    B= (rotated 90 degrees)

    D= (rotated 90 degrees)

    E= (rotated 45 degrees)

    H= (rotated 180 degrees)

    I= (rotated 180 degrees)

    M= (flipped horizontally)

    O= (rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise)

    P= (rotated 90 degrees)


    S= (rotated 180 degrees)

    T= (rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise)

    U= (rotated 90 degrees clockwise)

    V= (rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise)

    Y= (rotated 135 degrees clockwise, then flipped horizontally)

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  • Tepig Trainer

    I made the one music video a little while ago, and I really enjoyed making it. A few people said I should make more, I would really liked to. But I'm not the greatest with picking songs to use. If someone has an idea leave a comment with the song and the basic idea for what it's relating too. I would really appreciate it, thanks.

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  • GoldieBear

    Hey guys... Its me. I won't be coming on chat anymore... maybe. The problem is that my mom found out that i was talking to strangers online. The reason i go online is because..... well i have no friends.... all i do is stay in my room all day doing nothing.....and i am nothing..... And my mother grounded me and i wont be celebrating my birthday..... im getting to old for birthdays anyway i need to grow up..... and be an actual teenager...... so i wont ne on chat.... only three or four times a week..... So i'm sorry guys but its for the greater good just to probably to never come back on chat.... not until i find i get a life.... so i'll probably be gone for a couple days,weeks,monthers, or possibly years..... So i guess its goodbye.

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  • Gravityfallsfan12

    Sup. I just created a blog. You should check my blog often because I will often post pictures and stuff on here. Blah, blah, blah the end. Keep checking my blog.

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  • RobertDaller

    This is CaveJohnson here, using his new account.

    This is an attempt at debunking the idea of Bill surviving and it also helps to explain something some have been a bit puzzled by. how exactly did Stan get his memory back so quickly? Well what if I told you that Bill Cipher.

    UNINTENTIONALLY saved Stan's memories? but before we get to that, let's talk about Bill.

    Inside Stan's mind, right before dying Bill says 'MY TIME HAS COME TO BURN, I INVOKE THE ANCIENT POWER THAT I MAY RETURN.' this many think means Bill could've somehow survived, and while I don't believe this to be the case, I do believe it means Bill ATTEMPTED to save himself.

    There's only way I can physically think Bill could have survived, by pushing Bill's memories and himself into a…

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  • Lightningsoos78

    Hey everyone! Lego Ideas is a website where people who have ideas for sets can post lego sets, and if they get up to 10,000 supporters then it could acually get made into a set! Few sets actually get up to 10,000 supporters an less even get made into a set, but BrickZfrom9to5 is trying! He made an ultra cool Lego Shacktron Set as seen in the photo and a whole lot of people supported it including Jason Ritter, the voice of Dipper Pines, and Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls! His set has been posted on the front of the Lego Ideas home page as well! But we still need more supporters, this set should be recognized, and maybe we can actually get a set!!

    So what are you waiting for? Support and follow BrickZfrom9to5's set here now! https:…

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  • Valkryie247


    March 16, 2016 by Valkryie247

    Woo, alrighty. I have NOT written on my "blog" in a long time lol. Not sure if this much inactivity is even worth recording, but I'm usually on here every day so I figured I'd say so.

    I won't be active from March 16th, to late March 19th. March 20th is my birthday so I may not be here much then either. Sorry if this was a complete waste of time to read, just thought I'd let you know I won't be available for the next 4 days or so blerp blerp. Thanks ^^

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    I was searching around Lego Ideas and I found a Lego Shacktron! It isn't mine but it deserves all the support it can get, so support it here and see it on shelves soon!

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  • Tardisman14

    KCA's rigged

    March 13, 2016 by Tardisman14

    Spongebob won.


    You know the system is rigged when Spongebob not only wins against Gravity Falls, but other shows with actual effort put into them like:

    • Phineas and Ferb
    • Steven Universe
    • The Amazing World of Gumball

    I won't be using ACTUAL swears on the wiki, just censored ones, so FORGET YOU NICKELODEON

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  • Tepig Trainer

    I keep seeing these really amazing music videos, and I decided to create my own. The song is from the Phineas and Ferb movie. I've never really edited videos before, so it's not that good, but hopefully you will enjoy it. I don't have a youtube so this is on google drive, I think I made it public, if the link does not work leave a comment and I will try to fix it.

    Dipper and Mabel are Takin' Care of Things

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  • NoooooYWouldUDoThis

    Ahhh the mystery of Dipper's real name. I've just been thinking about a lot now, and I really don't have any theories other than that it will be released when Journal 3 is. I was just wondering if anyone has any theories, and if so reply to this blog post saying what you think Dipper's real name is.

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  • AnonBaiter

    So... after hearing about the series finale, I decided to make this post. This time it's my ideas for a game.

    The fan-game I'll be planing will be an adaptation of the entire TV show that inspired it. The story is literally the same thing as the animated series, but it includes one new character as the protagonist.

    As is the case for any g00d game, the game's ending depends on the player's choices alone. The story might also be defined depending on the player's action, so there's a good amount of replayability to be had here.

    Anyway, that's just a draft. I have nothing prepared(not even a game engine), so if you want to throw in some ideas then don't be afraid to do so. Feedback is appreciated.

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  • KIT1084


    March 3, 2016 by KIT1084

    Ok, this has puzzled me for a while..

    At the very end of "Gideon Rises" right before Stan gets out of his car, after the destruction of the Gideon-Bot, Blendin Blandin from "The Time Travelers Pig" is seen in the background. Didn't he get arrested at the end of "The Time Travelers Pig" and was just seen escaping custody in "Blendin's Game"?

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    I'm new to this wiki and proudly stand at 1000th place. Therefore... I DONT GET IT. I want to make pages but I simply do not understand it enough, write in the style of others, or have enough time to fully make an approved page. Is it possible that people can make the page with me? Will anyone notice me? No? Ok...

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  • KIT1084

    Based on what I now know about the Weirdmageddon story arc, I believe the UFO crashed first, and that caused the Law of Weirdness Magnetism (as Ford calls it), and all the subsequent weirdness to be attracted and contained within the valley.

    Any other theories?

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  • ThatGuy30722

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, and I will be sharing a secret about the Author cipher.

    The symbol for a question mark (?) is . (see fig. 2, 3, and 4)

    The symbol for an exclamation point (!) is . (see fig. 1)

    I have added this to the List of cryptograms page.

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  • Myrdon

    So Gravity Falls has come to a conclusion... Everyone (or at least almost everyone) got their happy ending and parted ways, ending the story of Gravity Falls. The ending was wonderful, one of the best endings to a TV show I have ever seen, though I can't help but feel sad seeing one of my favourite shows of all time come to an end, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way- so I kinda feel like writing a bit about the end, and hopefully making myself and everyone reading this feel a tad better about the ending.

    The show ended after only two seasons(very short for something as amazing as this) and I feel it's kinda like growing up- it just feels like childhood flew by, you wish it could last forever, but it can't. We all have to g…

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  • Peacexfreedom

    To Do

    February 25, 2016 by Peacexfreedom

    This blog post serves as both a personal memo and a suggestion list if anyone is looking for something that needs to be done. Please write a comment at the bottom if you have completed something on this list:

    • List of Goofs:
      • Sort the list of goofs in order of occurrence in the episode
      • Add images to show the goofs
    • Character pages:
      • Go through every character and sort the categories in their proper order.
      • Check that every character is in the character navbox.
    • All pages:
      • Remove duplicate links (so that only first use has the link)
      • Check/compare: history, infobox, gallery and appear sightings (that all of the information matches and is filled out)
        • Do so for List of Animals and its gallery
      • Make sure "Appear" has games separate
    • Games galleries: add succession…
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  • OverTheGravityFalls
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  • AbedshehabiWiki

    Remember the reverse message before Bill gets punched by Stan? If you listen VERY closely to the foward version. You can hear words like "THEN HE BROKE ME UP." "THIS IS ENOUGH."OH PLEASE." Could this possibly lead up to something?

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  • Dipcifica2k16

    The Falls News

    February 23, 2016 by Dipcifica2k16

    I was re-watching the final episode last night and I cried agian when Stanly said he was good for something. I love you Stanly.

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  • Reverse Bill Cipher

    Is bill alive in the stone? post your answers in the comments

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  • StanFord85

    Akame ga Gravity Falls

    February 22, 2016 by StanFord85

    Akame ga Gravity Falls is a series a crossover like the Akame ga Kill and Gravity Falls with some characters from other series. Before the crossover game Cartoon + Anime! with Alex Hirsch (Creator of Gravity Falls), and Takahiro (Author of Akame ga Kill!), It's video game RPG, and series or Fanfiction.

    Start with the story of Stan Pines (Gravity Falls), Akame (Akame ga Kill!)

    And the antagonist is Bill Cipher and Esdeath,

    With the movie Cartoon + Anime, is Gideon & Sheele Back in Action !

    The Movie will similar of the last episode (alternative) of Gravity Falls "Weirdmageddon 3 : Take Back The Falls!" with The Symbols Wheel Zodiac associated called "Bill Cipher Wheel" for defeat Bill Cipher.

    That is Fanfiction of Gravity Falls and Akame ga Kill!…

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  • StanFord85

    Bill Akame "BiAkame"

    February 22, 2016 by StanFord85

    Bill "BiAkame" Akame is character invented by fan of Gravity Falls and Akame ga Kill!. She was possessed by Bill Cipher.

    Akame got lost in the sinister forest. she saw a triangle with the eye in front of tree branch. An eye opens and the color becomes black and white.

    Akame comes to A Triangle demon named Bill Cipher, the attack, but it can not touch. Bill asked him to calm down. Because Bill, knows that it is. Because he knows many things, that's why he saw the demon Akame Sword Murasame, killed people because they live in the nightmare. Akame asks Bill, to help to find his sister.

    So Bill Cipher, agrees to help, but asks a favor. If Akame to need help, and Bill also request help for something. Akame accepted a favor, so she shakes hands wit…

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  • The Puppeteer King

    Hello Everyone, The Puppeteer King here,

    Well we have reached the end, the series has ended and the twins have returned home, Stan and Ford have made ammends and the twins will forever remember the adventures they've had.

    If you read my discussion topic called final thoughts, you've seen how I've said that I am no longer going to contribute to wikia or other things Gravity Falls related but I've realised now that there is alot I want to get off my chest because I'm still absorbing the ending of the series (then again I watched it on tuesday morning, nobody gets over grieving that fast)

    I will miss the show (until I find another show) because it helped me learn some aesops that'll be explained later in the blog. Like many of you I am going thr…

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  • CmonNow

    One year from now

    February 17, 2016 by CmonNow

    So I've been avoiding the wiki as a whole for a while so that I don't read any spoilers to upcoming episodes (won't be able to say "upcoming episodes" anymore), but now that the finale has aired I decided to join. Today I was wondering, what will the fandom be like in one year? I've only talked to fans through Instagram, but already I've seen a lot of fans repurposing their fan accounts and kinda forgetting about Gravity Falls. In one year, will this wiki still be active at all? What will fan accounts on places like Tumblr and FB turn into?

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  • Asnow89
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  • AbedshehabiWiki


    February 17, 2016 by AbedshehabiWiki

    Remember in WM:pt.3 where Bill is in Stans mind and his mind is slowly getting destroyed? Did anyone try actually writing what Bill was saying while he was in his last minute of life?

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  • TomTolmGF


    February 16, 2016 by TomTolmGF
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  • SaltyPearl7152

    fallers forever

    February 16, 2016 by SaltyPearl7152


    The tale may be told, the summer may be done, but we will never forget the wonders of gravity falls, who's with me!

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  • GravityMan

    So....what about Gompers?

    February 16, 2016 by GravityMan

    To quote Bill: "I like him better this way."

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