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Cheekums is Gideon Gleeful's pet hamster.


In "Little Dipper," Gideon tells Cheekums to guard the shrunken Dipper and Mabel while he's away eating ice cream. Cheekums is shown to have a low intelligence level when Dipper pokes it with a Q-tip and it is unresponsive. Though Mabel commands it to move numerous times, it's completely unresponsive, and she lovingly refers to it as a "big ol' dummy-dumb."


Cheekums is described as a "big ol' dummy-dumb" by Mabel, as it doesn't react to anything. It doesn't seem to be afraid of Gideon or even listen to what he says.


Cheekums is a light brown hamster. It has a pink nose, black eyes, whiskers, gray claws, and two light yellow front teeth.


Season 1


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