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Conflict Boat is a game Dipper and Mabel Pines play in "Dreamscaperers."


Conflict Boat is seen at the beginning of "Dreamscaperers," when Dipper and Mabel play it in their room. Dipper guesses B-5, and Mabel says it's a miss. Mabel then puts a red mark at position F-7, making it look like a kitten face. Dipper then says that he thinks she's playing it wrong.

Game play

The game has the same concept as Battleship. The player would set up their boats on the base of the board, and would place the hits and misses on the front.


The game board has columns A through J, and rows 1 through 10, on which the players may place their pegs. It says "Conflict Boat" above the upper board. Its overall appearance is similar to that of the game Battleship.


Season 1


  • A parody of Battleship, the game is a play on words of battleship, battle being a synonym of conflict and ship being the equivalent of boat.

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