The Corduroy cabin is the home of the Corduroy family, made up of Wendy Corduroy, her father, and her younger brothers. It is located within the Gravity Falls Forest.



The inside of the Corduroy cabin is briefly seen in "Mabel's Guide to Color." The living room's walls, sofa and lamp covers are all flannel (the family's favorite color).

Season 2

In "Scary-oke," Wendy's bedroom is briefly shown when Stan activates the portal.

In "Into the Bunker" the exterior is shown, and Wendy's bedroom is once again featured, being the location where Wendy and Dipper watch a horror movie.

In "A Tale of Two Stans," Wendy's bedroom is seen during the ending credits.




There is a carving on the tree outside of the cabin that says R+W (Robbie and Wendy).

There is an RV parked to the north side of the house.


The ceiling inside the cabin is too low for Manly Dan's height, as he has been shown to hit his head on the crossbeams, and Wendy complains about cleaning up after him.

  • Wendy's room
  • Kitchen
  • Living room



Season 2


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