This page is for Cryptograms (short), the segment in "Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner Marathon. For the actual cryptograms which appear in the series, see List of Cryptograms.
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"Cryptograms"[1] is a segment in "Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner Marathon.


Old Man McGucket points out that cryptograms can be found throughout the series. He says that he can read them but doesn't understand the meaning behind them. He has tried using several languages in an attempt to translate the cryptograms, including some form of western Manotaur script and "Possum Sanskrit," but that he still can't make sense of what it means. He concludes by saying that he doubts this mystery will ever be solved and that it's time for him to have his hootenanny, and then proceeds to have the said hootenanny.

Character revelations

  • McGucket can read "Possum Sanskrit" and some form of western Manotaur script.

Referenced episodes



  1. Old Man McGucket's Conspiracy Corner - Cryptograms. Retrieved on April 26, 2015. “Have you seen this mixed up gobbly gook?”

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