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Dusk 2 Dawn
S1e5 dusk 2 dawn appearance
Type Convenience store
Owner Ma and Pa Duskerton (deceased)
First episode "The Inconveniencing"
Appearances 1

Dusk 2 Dawn is an abandoned convenience store in Gravity Falls, Oregon. It was the property of Ma and Pa Duskerton before they died, and closed down soon after their deaths. There are rumors that a double murder took place there, but it turns out that Ma and Pa both had heart attacks and were in fact not murdered.


S1e5 usa newz

A news paper marking when the last time the store's shelves were restocked

The store was owned by a elderly couple known as Ma and Pa Duskerton. The owners held a bitter rivalry with a local gang of teenagers who had made it their hobby to torment them, to the point that the owners banned them from the store.

In the year 1995 Ma and Pa, insullted by the teenager's disrespectful and hateful music, were stricken down with double heart attacks, although the sudden and apparently unexplained nature of their deaths led to rampant rumors that they had been murdered. Afterwards their ghosts began haunting their store which quickly led to the store to be closed.

Season 1

In "The Inconveniencing," Dipper and Mabel Pines visit this convenience store with Wendy and her friends Robbie, Lee, Tambry, Nate, and Thompson to see what lurks inside the store and indulge in teenage mischief. It turns out that it is haunted by two ghosts named Ma and Pa Duskerton, who owned the store until they were struck down by double heart attacks after hearing "disrespectful music" played by a group of teenagers that they had banned from entering the store. They tell Dipper that they haunt this store because they hate teenagers. They only allow Dipper and the others to leave after Dipper does the "Lamby Lamby Dance". At the end of the episode, the lights in the store flicker off, suggesting that Ma and Pa are still haunting the store.


Season 1



  • Oddly, even though years had passed before the events of "The Inconveniencing" and the ice freezer wasn't on, in the present, the ice was perfectly frozen.

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