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This page is for Fight Fighters (video game), the arcade game. For the episode, see Fight Fighters.
Fight Fighters
S1e10 wendy and dipper playing
Type Video game
First appearance
First episode "Fight Fighters"
Latest episode "Soos and the Real Girl"
Appearances 2
Fight Fighters is a game that Wendy, Robbie, and Dipper liked to play in the 10th episode, "Fight Fighters." The game has eight characters, each from a different country, including Rumble McSkirmish, Beastor, Suggessica, N-Buffalo, Joe Zambique, and Dr. Karate. It is an allusion to Street Fighter, a popular video game series. It is located within the Arcade.


Presumably, Fight Fighters was made in the late 1980's, along with the other games in the Arcade. The game has a mysterious "ultimate power" code, written on the left side. The code releases a game character of the player's choice into the real world. The character can only be defeated when beaten in a fight or when the character's mission or purpose is completed, sending the character back into the game. The code's writer is unknown.

List of characters


Player Select screen.

  • Rumble McSkirmish (U.S.A.)
  • Dr. Karate (Japan) 
  • Joe Zambique (Mozambique)
  • Czar-barian (Russia)
  • Admiral Big-Calves (United Kingdom)
  • Beastor (Brazil) 
  • N-Buffalo (North Korea) 
  • Suggessica (China) 


Season 1

Season 2


  • Dr. Karate, Rumble McSkirmish's in-game opponent, shares a similar name to Mr. Karate from the SNK fighting game series.
  • N-Buffalo's name is a pun on M. Bison, the main antagonist of the Street Fighter series. His nationality and uniform are also references to how North Korea is a dictatorship.
  • Joe Zambique's name is a play on his country-of-origin's name, Mozambique. 
  • Beastor appears to be a similar character to Blanka, a character from the Street Fighter series.
  • Czar-Barian is parody of the fictional Russian boxer, Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. His name is also a portmanteau on "Czar" and "barbarian".
  • Suggesica is a spoof on Chun-Li from the Street Fighter games. 
  • The sprites and graphics that appear in the game were made by Australian sprite artist Paul Robertson, who had also done work on such games as Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game, and Fez.[citation needed]

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