Gravity Falls Public Access TV is a series of television networks in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Channel 3

Why You Ackin' So Cray-Cray? is a talk show hosted by Sassica, whose famous catchphrase is, "Why you ackin' so cray-cray?" The show itself is a talk show with, apparently, many ladies in the audience. People who have appeared on this show include Sassica and Lazy Susan.

Channel 4

Soos Says Some Words is a bumper show hosted by Soos. He shares his "profound" thoughts and wisdom with the audience at home.

Teenz Talk is a public service ad (PSA) hosted by Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland. The ad's purpose is to spread messages about teen-related issues. Blubs and Durland play the characters: Rick, Craig, Stacy, and Tom-Tom, ordinary teens in an ordinary high-school gymnasium. People who have appeared on the show include Sheriff Blubs, Deputy Durland, and inadvertently: Wendy, Lee, and Nate.

Channel 6

Li'l Gideon's Big House! is a show hosted by Gideon Gleeful since his incarceration at Gravity Falls Maximum Security Prison after the events where it was revealed he is a fraud to the denizens of Gravity Falls, Oregon. The show is about how Gideon is making the lives of other prisoners better and improving them through therapy, arts, and exercise. The show airs weekdays at 6:00 until he gets out.

Duck-tective is about the duck who is a detective. He speaks only in quacks, which are translated in English subtitles. He solves a variety of crimes including murder and theft. The characters include: Duck-tective, his faithful Constable, Steve, and Duck-tective's evil twin brother.

Black and White Period Piece Old Lady Boring Movie Channel

The Duchess Approves is a black and white movie about the duchess, who's "also a woman". The duchess can't accept all of the things her mother tells her to do.

With the actors: Sturly Stembleburgiss as the Duchess and Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble as the irascible coxswain Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire.

Gravity Falls Bargain Movie Showcase

Gravity Falls Bargain Movie Showcase is a movie channel, that exclusively marathons B movies.

Nearly Almost Dead But Not Quite! is a black and white horror movie about zombies who are almost nearly dead, but not quite. It stars two teenage characters named Chadley and Trixandra.

Other movies:

  • The Widdlest Wampire
  • The Planet People of Planet Planet
  • Help! My Mummy's a Werewolf!
  • Help! My Mummy's a Werewolf! 2: This Again
  • Attack of the Exclamation Points!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Man With No Taste
  • Ghost Turtle

Used to be About History Channel

The Used to be About History Channel is a supposedly "educational" network, whose primary programming consists of crack conspiracy documentaries and reality shows. It is a parody of the History channel.

Known programs include:

  • Ghost Harassers
  • Did Aliens Write the Constitution?
  • Crawdads in Tiaras
  • Florida: The Show


Season 1


Season 2

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