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Greasy's Diner
S1e6 greasy's diner 01
Type Restaurant
Employees Lazy Susan, Unnamed Greasy's Diner shopkeeper, Soos (temporary part-time cook)[1]
First episode "Tourist Trapped"
Latest episode "Gideon Rises"
Appearances 3

Greasy's Diner is a local diner in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Back before Mabel Pines found out Norman was a bunch of gnomes, she went here with him on a date.[2]

It's a typical restaurant that serves breakfast pancakes and other traditional American food. The building is in the shape of a log and its slogan is "We have food". Mabel, Dipper, Wendy, and Grunkle Stan all regulary go to eat at Greasy's Diner. Grunkle Stan crushes on Lazy Susan, one of the diner's waitresses, but is too afraid to ask her out, so Mabel, Wendy, and Soos all help him get out of his lazy stage and help him be more appealing. At the end of the episode, Lazy Susan slips her phone number to Grunkle Stan and in the ending credits, he receives several voicemails from her.


The outside of Greasy's Diner is in the shape of a fallen redwood log. There is even the stump of the log located on its right as though the tree was chopped down right there and made into the restaurant. The Diner is on a displaced piece of railroad track that's labeled "Gravity Falls 1883" with steps leading to the entrance and back door.


Manliness Tester

S1e6 manliness tester
The Test Your Manliness machine
KataraFanAdded by KataraFan

Greasy's Diner is also home to the "Test Your Manliness" machine. This machine becomes central to the plot of "Dipper vs. Manliness." The harder you squeeze the handle, the more bulbs will light up. If one reaches "Manly Man," the prize is free pancakes. Dipper fails the test, so he goes into the woods to become more manly. Manly Dan accomplished Manly Man with the touch of his pinky, overloading the machine and causing it to explode and delivering free pancakes to everyone in Greasy's Diner at the time.


Season 1



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