Gummy Koalas is a gummy candy manufactured by Nyums, the same company that produces Smile Dip and Burrito Bites.


A bag of the candy appears in "Little Dipper." The bag is used by Gideon to temporarily trap a shrunken Mabel and keep her occupied. Later, Mabel utilizes one of the gummy koalas by getting it stuck in Gideon's hair in order to stall him.


The candies themselves are similar in appearance to Gummy Bears, though the gummy candies are shaped to look like koalas rather than bears. The packaging is purple, and the Gummy Koalas come in a variety of colors such as red, orange, green, and yellow. The packaging also has a smiling koala wearing a red bowtie on the front.


Season 1




  • The Gummy Koalas' packaging appears to be based on the popular snack Haribo gummy bears and its mascot.
  • Starburst® Animal Friends gummies include koala-shaped gummies.

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