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This page is for Hide Behind, the mysterious cryptid. For the short, see The Hide-Behind.

The Hide Behind is a mysterious creature that inhabits the Gravity Falls Forest.



At some point before the events of the series, Ford came across and studied the creature, recording its abilities in Journal 3, but would have struggled because it has "never been seen."


In "The Hide-Behind," Dipper sets out to find the elusive creature in order to prove it exists. As Dipper concludes the interview with his great-uncle, the Hide-Behind makes its rattling noise and runs out from behind the Mystery Shack into the forest. After a number of hours chasing it, Dipper corners it behind a thin tree, which emits the rattling noise. After Dipper mistakes an owl with a maraca for it, he states that the Hide-Behind must be a legend and nothing more, as he walks off deeper into the forest. However, the Hide-Behind appears from behind the thin tree, and makes its rattling cry, as Dipper turns around, it hides behind larger trees, with Dipper unaware of its presence as it continues to stalk the young adventurer.

Season 2

S2e2 there was no picture of it though

In "Into the Bunker," the Shape Shifter transformed into a Hide Behind after getting Journal 3, despite the journal having no clear photo of it. This fact inclines that the Shape-Shifter has seen the hide behind for real.

In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," the page for the Hide Behind in Journal 3 is shown when Bill's eye flashes through the journal's pages.


Short6 The Hide Behind book 3 entry

Its journal entry.

The creature is very gangly, flexible, slender, and black, with small glowing yellow eyes. Its structure is humanoid but nearly skeletal and resembles a tree. Its limbs are incredibly long, with large hands and long fingers each ending with sharp fingernails/claws.


It is flexible enough to match the trees it is hiding behind. It has the ability to change size from the height of a tree to the size of a rock.



Season 2


  • This creature is based on the Hidebehind, a creature from North American folklore.
  • In "The Hide-Behind," Dipper's camera captured pictures of the Hide Behind. It is unknown if Dipper left the camera in the forest by accident, or if he ever recovered it.
  • In "Into the Bunker," the Shape Shifter transformed into the Hide Behind, despite the journal having no clear photo of it.
  • The Hide Behind is seen on the Gravity Falls season 2 poster.

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