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The laws of Gravity Falls are various, odd statutes exclusive to the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Because Gravity Falls "was founded by a mayor [Quentin Trembley] who was legally insane,"[1][2] it has many laws which are just as insane.[2] After suffering a concussion and falling into a ditch, discovering Gravity Falls, Trembley wrote the town charter.[3] Despite over 150 years having gone by since Gravity Falls was initially founded,[1] and at least three other mayors having been in office,[1][4][5] many of the odd laws remain unchanged.


Gravity Falls' unconventional laws include the following:

  • Gravity Falls' mayoral elections are based on two events: the Wednesday Stump Speech, held on an actual stump, and the Friday Debate wherein townsfolk throw birdseed at the candidate they like most. At the end, they release a freedom eagle who will fly to the candidate covered in more seed and bestow a birdly kiss upon him, anointing him mayor. The Town Charter defines a worthy candidate as "anyone who can cast a shadow, count to ten and throw their hat into the provided ring."[5] The office appears to be for life.
  • As of 1922, beavers have the right to vote.[3]
  • Gravity Falls is the first and only city to officially outlaw "Moon People."[3]
  • The right to marry a woodpecker.[2]
  • Anyone in possession of the physical, legal document to a property gains ownership of that property (Finders Keepers Law).[2]
  • Instead of juvy, children are sent to adult prison.[2][6]
    • In "Scary-oke" Soos is seen reading a newspaper which features an article about Gideon, who was previously arrested[7], having been sent to "the big house." In "TV Shorts 1," Gideon has his own segment entitled "Li'l Gideon's Big House!" All of his fellow prisoners are adult males.
  • Town residents and visitors are forbidden from speaking of Weirdmageddon, and face tasering by law enforcement should they do so (The Never Mind All That Act).
  • In 1920, a "Maple Syrup Prohibition" was enacted, leading townsfolk to gather in Pancake Speakeasies.[8] This prohibition is not currently in force, since the use of maple syrup is now extended.


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