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This page is for Love God, the divine being. For the episode, see The Love God.

The Love God is a cherub, capable of making people fall in love via a variety of love potions. Since the Internet seems to do his job for him nowadays, he has taken on a second career as a musician.


In "The Love God," he comes to Gravity Falls to play in the Woodstick festival. He arrives at Greasy's Diner, showing off his matchmaking abilities to the patrons. After a brief talk, Mabel steals a love potion from him in order to play the role of a matchmaker.

When Mabel goes to his van to retrieve the antidote along with Dipper, the Love God catches them in the act and goes after the twins, who are trying to escape with it. The Love God then follows after Dipper and Mabel until he conjures up Visions of Heartbreak Past to convince Mabel to give him the antidote. This succeeds, but the Love God is then hit by Stan and Soos' hot air balloon. He survives, but gives the antidote back to Mabel, angrily telling her to meddle in other peoples' lives all she wants. He then stumbles away, calling for a medic.


He loves to spread love and takes his job rather seriously, such as when he tells Mabel that love is not something to fool around with because she was eager for one of his love potions. He also enjoys eating sandwiches, throwing concerts and partying. He is also shown to be somewhat oafish and clumsy.


The Love God physically resembles an overweight human male. He has several tattoos, small wings, and a belt made of rope around his waist that holds several liquids of various colors. He wears a grey, horizontal-striped tank top, blue cut-off shorts, flip flops, and pink straps running under his arms. He also wears a brown cuff on his right wrist and a necklace with both male and female gender symbols.


Season 2


  • He can be considered an anti-villain, since he only became an antagonist when he was trying to stop Mabel from using the anti-love potion, but overall his traits were more positive than negative, like his love of matchmaking.


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