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Memory Canisters[1] are tubes primarily used by the Blind Eye Society to contain the recorded memories removed by the Memory Gun.


It's never specified when or how the tubes were created, but they have been in use ever since the Blind Eye Society was operational.

In "Society of the Blind Eye" it is shown that whenever a person has their memories taken from them, the tubes are used as recipients for the extracted memories, and are then taken to the "Hall of the Forgotten," a special room where all the memory tubes are stored.


Season 2


  • The tube containing Lazy Susan's memories is labeled "(Lazy) Susan Wentworth." However, all of the other tubes seen are titled "(name)'s memories."
    • However, it's entirely possible that there wasn't enough room in the label.
  • Each canister contains both the erased memory of the subject and the video tape of the subject recounting it. This is because, as the machine records the disturbing memory, it takes it out of the subject's head.[2]
  • In the "Hall of the Forgotten" there is a canister labeled "Jeffrey Cannuck memories." It is the only tube labeled with the name of a character that has never been mentioned in the series. The tube is stored on a shelve which appears to have the memories of people important for the Society, due to its location (it's over some kind of altar), to the other canisters stored there (the ones from McGucket, founder of the Society, and Preston Northwest, arguably the most powerful man of Gravity Falls) and to the alarm system they have.


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