Mystery Tour Ride is an online game on the Disney Channel website where one can race through Gravity Falls on a golf cart.



Wendy gave Dipper and Mabel the keys to the golf cart. You now have to go on a tour ride!

How to play

  1. You play in a golf cart.
  2. You'll have to use downhill slopes to gain speed.
  3. Beware of letting your speedometer fall below 10. Once it stops, it won't start up again.
  4. Use your arrow keys to jump, gain speed, float or dive down.
  5. Grab pick-ups like trophies and coins.
  6. Avoid obstacles.
  7. Use your power-ups (speed boost, float for super jumps, invincibility)

Character appearances


  • Dusk 2 Dawn is seen in this game before "The Inconveniencing" premiered.
  • At some point the cutscene art of Dipper and Mabel were updated to be be better drawn than the first version.


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