Dipper and Mabel render This page is an image gallery for Northwest Mansion Mystery. Please add to the contents of this page, but only images that pertain to the article.


Cold open

Unlikely allies

Party Prep

Ghost Encounter

Guests Arrive

Hidden Room

Some Awkward Moments

Lumberjack Flashback

The Guilty are Revealed

A Ghostly Escape

Mabel's Crushes: Chapter 13, Return of the Candy

An Unwelcomed Guest

The Real Northwests, and the New Pacifica

Dipper's Final Form

We Live Up In a Mansion

21 Hours For Them, 21 Days For Us

End tag

Promotional videos


Promotional art

S2e9 pow
The Love God
Episode galleries S2e11 stan mugshot
Not What He Seems

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