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This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the Gravity Falls universe.

Percepshrooms are a legendary type of mushroom found in the Gravity Falls Forest. When ground up into a sort of jelly and applied to the forehead overnight, they will make a person more intelligent. However, the same effect can be produced upon its consumption, but amplified.


Stan fabricates the existence of the Percepshroom in "Abaconings," a story from "Little Gift Shop of Horrors." Dipper reads about it in his journal, and locates them. He grinds them into jelly, and leaves the jelly overnight on his head as the journal instructed, but Waddles eats the jelly, gaining massive amounts of brain power instead.


Percepshroom appearance

A Percepshroom is a pink, sparkling mushroom, with its cap having the appearance of a brain. When ground into jelly, it resembles sparkling pink goo.


Season 2


  • The name "Percepshroom" is a portmanteau of "perception" and "mushroom."

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