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Gravity Falls Games
Game postcard creator start menu
Postcard Creator
Released December 20, 2012
Platform Online
Mode(s) Single player
Link Disney's website
Previous game
"Disney Super Speedway"
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"Holiday Sweater Creator"

Postcard Creator is a game on the Disney Channel website where a person can create postcards using preset images of characters, objects, and backgrounds from Gravity Falls or by uploading one's own images. You can also use codes found in Mystery Shack Mystery to get more objects.



In this game, the player is able to be creative, make, and print out your own postcard.

How to play

  1. Click on a background.
  2. Click on objects and characters. Move them around. Make them bigger smaller or rotate.
  3. To unlock "special" objects, play the game Mystery Shack game to get Unlock Codes.
  4. Add the picture.
  5. Add the greeting.
  6. Print the postcard and save it to the computer.
  7. Enjoy!


These codes can be discovered by playing the game Mystery Shack Mystery by clicking on various objects. They unlock new items in the Postcard Creator. These are the codes:

  • eyeballs
  • furry fish
  • emerald
  • spacecraft
  • dinosaur

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