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The Redwood Highway is a roadway in Oregon which has numerous tourist traps including the Mystery Shack.

Corn Maze

S2e16 soos trapped

Soos stuck in the corn maze.


  • Large corn maze
  • Corn cob thing


Stan Pines pranked this tourist trap by releasing a bag of corn weevils. Then, Soos got lost in the maze and the Pines family left him behind.

Granny Sweetkin's Yarnball

S2e16 yarnball

Giant yarn ball

See: Granny Sweetkin's Yarnball for more

House Shoe


  • Large shoe

Log Land


  • Log ride
  • Log hat
  • Log on a stick


Stan Pines pranked this tourist trap by letting beavers loose in the attraction.

Mystery Mountain

S2e16 mystery mountain

Entering Mystery Mountain

See: Mystery Mountain for more.

Mystery Shack

Main: Mystery Shack.

Neon Ville

 ! This section requires expansion.

Septic Ridge RV Park

 ! This section requires expansion.
S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 2

Septic Ridge

Tent of Telepathy

Currently out of business.

Main: Tent of Telepathy.

The Big Thing

No information available.

The Giant Pan

No information available.

Upside-Down Town

S2e16 upside down town


  • A house turned upside-down. Tourists wear shoes with velcro on the bottom that allow them to walk on the floor of the house.


Stan Pines pranked this tourist trap by stomping on the roof with Soos, turning it right side up.

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