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Gravity Falls Website
Bill cypher WEBSITE
Search for the Blindeye
Language English
Launch date August 01, 2013
IP address
Alexa 5,014,451[1] is a Gravity Falls related website that launched on August 1, 2013. The name is based off the cryptogram deciphered in the end credits sequence of "Gideon Rises." The site is not affiliated with Disney, as stated by Alex Hirsch on his AMA. It is currently unknown who runs the site.

The site

The main page of the website has an animated GIF of Bill Cipher, with a version of the theme song from the credits of "Dreamscaperers," playing on loop in the background. Below the animation is a combined cipher, which is seen in every image of the following dates, it read "9-21-4-9-22-19-6-18-15-6-5-4." By clicking on the cipher, it decoded to "OCTOBER FIRST." Accordingly, on October first, the cryptogram was removed from the site, and a link to a story titled "A Forgotten Tale" about a wizard named Grembert, appeared.

The source code of the page contained ASCII art image of Bill Cipher. In the letters and numbers comprising the image are messages that changed almost every day since its discovery. Words hidden in the image appear to be written by one individual, while cryptograms are written as if snuck in by another. The original writer (presumably Bill) seems to not want the cryptographer to get his messages out.

After two updates on October first and second, the site went silent for over half a year, and updated on June 1st, 2014. After fans noticed the update on June 2nd, updates started reappearing irregularly.

Updates and messages


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