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The "Shacktron" is a giant robot created during Weirdmageddon by the survivors of the event to fight back against Bill Cipher. Its name was coined by Soos Ramirez prior to the start of the battle it took part in.


After Ford created a barrier around the Mystery Shack using a unicorns' hair, it became the only place in Gravity Falls unaffected by Weirdmageddon, thus becoming a shelter and hideout for almost all remaining survivors. After Dipper, Mabel, Soos and Wendy find their way back to the Mystery Shack, they meet the group of survivors that Stan is leading. Stan explains everything to the twins and thus inspiring them to lead a fight against Bill. Stan mentioned that they should not attack Bill because the Shack was the only place safe from weirdness, and the only way to fight Bill is to bring the Shack to him. Realizing this, McGucket quickly drafted some blueprints to convert the Shack into a powerful machine to fight Bill and his henchmaniacs. The survivors then worked together to gather parts from all over town and assemble them together to create the Shacktron.

The survivors launched an attack on the Fearamid. While the Shacktron kept Bill and his minions occupied, Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Wendy, Soos, Pacifica, Sheriff Blubs and McGucket entered the Fearamid to free Bill's captives. Though the Shacktron managed to fend off Bill and his minions for a time, Bill ultimately discovered that only the Shack itself was immune to his power, with the rest of the Shacktron's parts being vulnerable. Bill ripped off one of the Shacktron's legs, and used it to damage the robot. The Shacktron was destroyed soon after.


Each of the survivors played their part in the construction and operation of the Shacktron.

Physical Appearance

S2e20 Dipper at the wheel

The Shacktron's cockpit

The robot is composed of various objects seen throughout the series. These include:


Season 2


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