Stañatas are candy-filled piñatas shaped like Stan Pines' head.


S2e1 these brains are delicious

The stañatas are knocked over.

In "Scary-oke," the Stañatas are part of the homemade decorations at the Mystery Shack is Back party. Soos creates a small pyramid of them on a table for the party. Upon arriving at the party, Grenda smashes them as well as the table they are on. Candy Chiu collects the scattered candy commenting, "Stan's brains are delicious."


The Stañatas on the table are about the same size as Stan's actual head, and the suspended one appears larger. They depict Stan's smiling face with misaligned eyes. Stan's fez is included in the design. The candy itself looks very similar to the candy the Summerween Trickster is made of.


Season 2

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