Stan Bucks are Stan Pines' homemade "currency," when trying to trick the worker at the Summerween Superstore in "Summerween." Stan Bucks are also used in the Disney game PinesQuest.


Season 1

In "Summerween", when the Summerween Superstore cashier calls the police to have the Pines and Soos removed, Stan leaves a Stan Bucks note behind after fleeing with the stolen Summerween merchandise. The cashier is seen holding the Stan Bucks after the smoke from the smoke bomb clears.

Season 2

Among the evidence gathered by the government agents in order to arrest Stan is a Stan Buck, as seen in "Not What He Seems."

An early version of a Stan Bucks note appears to the left of the mirror in "A Tale of Two Stans," when Stan is wearing a white shirt and a question-mark tie.


They're made of somewhat wrinkled index cards, with a crude estimation of a normal dollar bill's overall design drawn on them. A border with the number fifty written in each corner and "Grunkle Stan" written in the bottom center surrounds a crudely drawn picture of Stan himself with a speech balloon coming from it declaring: "It's Money!" Above this caricature are three dollar signs; to the left of them is the word "STAN," while to the right of them is the word "BUCKS."


Season 1

Season 2



  • As seen in "Not What He Seems", Stan is experienced in forgery. It is therefore likely that the Stan Bucks are more a mockery than a real attempt at fake money.

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