"Taking Over Midnight," also written as "T8king Over Midnight," is a song by &ndra and covered by "Love Patrol Alpha," (Mabel, Dipper, and Stan Pines) in "Scary-oke." In order to get rid of the zombies that Dipper summoned, the trio needed to sing a perfect three-part harmony, (according to Journal 3), which would shatter the zombies' skulls. Mabel's idea involved singing this song's karaoke version, something she had been looking forward to doing with her family since the beginning of the episode.


Since we have not heard the &ndra version yet, we will only use the ones by LPA.

Friday night
We're gonna party
'Til dawn
Don't worry, daddy
I've got my favorite dress on
[*spoken* Mabel this is stupid]

We're rollin' to the party
The boys are lookin' our way
We just keep dancin'
We don't care what they say

And all the boys in this place are
Up in my face

Boys are a bore
Let's show 'em the door

All three Pines:
We're taking over the dance floor!

Oooh Ooh
Girls do what we like
Oooh Ooh
We're taking over tonight
Oooh Ooh
Girls do what we like
Oooh Ooh
We're taking over tonight

We're queens of the disco!

Oooh Ooh
Girls do what we like
Oooh Ooh
We're taking over tonight

Taking over tonight!


  • The lyrics shown on the karaoke machine says "And all the boys in this place / Are getting up in my face". However, when Mabel sings it, she shortens it to "And all the boys are up in my face". In the same way, the lines for "Roll in to the party" is sung as "We're rollin' to the party" by Mabel as well.
  • Whenever Love Patrol Alpha starts to sing together and shatter the zombies brains, the karaoke machine says "We're taking over the dance floor! (Instrumental.)" But whenever it says instrumental, that's the chorus.
  • Though in the show the song is called "Taking Over Midnight," the legal title is "Queens of the Disco."[1]


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