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Tent of Telepathy
S1e4 tent of telepathy
Type Tourist attraction
Owner Bud Gleeful and Gideon Gleeful
Employees Gideon Gleeful
Bud Gleeful
First episode "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel"
Latest episode "Scary-oke (pictured)"
Appearances 3

The Tent of Telepathy is a tourist attraction owned by Gideon Gleeful, located in Gravity Falls. The Mystery Shack is its top competitor. It is the home of Gideon's psychic performances and his father's (Bud Gleeful) piano performance. When viewed from the outside, it is blue and white with a wooden, multi-colored star with an eye in its center on top.


  • Gideon - A self proclaimed "child psychic" who previously possessed Journal 2. He is the one who performed in the tent.
  • Bud Gleeful - Gideon's father and Stan Pines' rival. His job is to play the piano when Gideon sings his song, as well as to collect the entrance fee from patrons.
  • Deuce - Soos' equivalent, presumably the handyman.


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