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The Undead are one of the many creatures of Gravity Falls, Oregon. According to the "Creature #6" next to its name, it can be deduced that it is the sixth creature to be written about by the author. It is said that due to their pale skin and bad attitudes, they are often mistaken for teenagers. Initially thought to be invincible, they can be destroyed by singing a three part harmony.



At some point before the events of the series, Ford came across and studied them, recording their powers, appearance, and weaknesses in Journals 2 and 3.

Season 1

In "Tourist Trapped," Dipper mistakes Norman for a member of the undead; by the end of the episode, it turns out that he is actually a small group of gnomes stacked on top of each other.

In "Little Dipper," Gideon briefly considers summoning zombies to exact his revenge on the Pines family, but decides against it because they "don't take orders."

Later in "The Deep End," when Mabel is telling Mermando that she has never met anyone like him, she mentions the undead, referring to Norman in "Tourist Trapped."

Season 2

S2e1 it says don't read aloud dipper

A curse to raise the dead.

In "Scary-oke" Dipper, in an effort to prove that the information in Journal 3 is real to a pair of government agents, foolishly summons a hoard of zombies that subsequently attack the Mystery Shack. Later in the episode, it is discovered that the zombies' weakness is a three part harmony which would shatter their skulls. So Dipper, Mabel and Stan sing to defeat them. It is later revealed that there is a cure (involving cinnamon and formaldehyde), which is used on Soos, who had turned into a zombie after being bitten by one.

In "Into the Bunker," Dipper and Wendy watch a movie about zombies.

In "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future," Stan complains that he is still finding pieces of the undead under the cushions after "that zombie incident" in "Scary-oke."

In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," the page for the undead in Journal 3 is shown when Bill's eye flashes through the journal's pages.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," after Weirdmageddon ends, zombies try to rise from the graveyard behind the Valentino family's funeral home, but are subdued by Mr. and Mrs. Valentino. The corpse of Mayor Befufflefumpter is among them, grabbing Mrs. Valentino's leg.


Season 1

Season 2



  • Many of the zombies found in Gravity Falls are lumberjacks that died in the Great Flood of 1863.[1]
  • Three part harmony DOES NOT shatter zombie skulls. What three part harmony actually appears to do is to cause an explosion that severs a zombie's head from its body. An explosion of zombie goo emanating from a walking corpse's neck area often completely obscures the exact nature of the damage that occurs to several zombies as they are destroyed, so it is unclear if the skulls were merely severed from the torso and sent flying, or if each zombie's entire head was totally reduced to goo. It's possible that the source of the goo explosion is the zombie's brain material, but it is odd that the explosion is so specifically centered on the zombie's neck and never from any other potentially weak spot in the skull. In any case 'melted' seems a far more accurate description than 'shattered'. It is also obvious that a small minority of zombies are far less vulnerable to this musical attack than others.
  • A zombie was seen removing its ears as a defense mechanisim against the Pines' sonic attack. The defensive ploy was either ineffective, or merely allowed the undead to survive long enough to flee the area.
  • Most zombies have only 7 or 8 teeth. An exceptional few have as many as 10 or 13.
  • In performing an activity, like climbing or crawling, that requires a zombie to display an initial preference for one hand over the other, most zombies are observed to be left handed.
  • Zombie eyes only glow when securely seated in their sockets. Even if still connected by the optical nerve, an undead eyeball out of its socket ceases to emit light. For some unknown reason, a zombie's eyes do not always glow with equal intensity. How this effects their sense of vision is unknown. Further study on zombie peripheral vision and depth perception is so far lacking.


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  1. Gravity Falls: Journal 3 by Disney Book Group. July 26, 2016. Published by Disney Press. Page(s) The Undead. ISBN: 978-1484746691.

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