• The gravity falls episode: "Weirdmaggedon Part 2: Escape from Reality" had me in tears! There was so much character development, and tons of flashbacks. I like learning about Mabel and Dipper's past, to show how long they have always been there for each other. Dipper showing Mabel, the good out turns of the bad scenarios, just was beautiful. The music was absolutely perfect, for this scene. Not to mention the pictures in Mabel's scrapbook. The first one from "Irrational Treasure", Second one from "Sock Opera" and the last one from "Gideon Rises" each showing us, how they have stuck together through think and thin. Not every sibling can say this. The awkward sibling hug returned and I melted. I llove what they tried to show in this episode. Even if, Bill didn't get a bunch of screen time he will in the next episode. Can't wait for the new episode! Comment below what you thought about the episode! 

    Stay weird GF fans!

    ~MabelionLuver out!~

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