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    In the episode "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls ", Bill Cipher travels into the mind of Stanley Pines (cleverly disguised as Stanford) in order to find the equation that is needed to escape the town. When he enters to room to find Stanley, Stanford (in the real world) begins to erase his mind using the gun first introduced in the episode "Society of the Blind Eye ". As he does, the room goes up in flames; blue flames to be exact (this is important because it the the color of flames when Bill makes a deal). Slowly, he is engulfed in the flames and takes many different forms as he is meeting his untimely demise. He speaks in a backwards message as he plunges further into madness before finally being defeated by a punch to the eye delivered by Stanley.

    There is much speculation as to what Bill Cipher is saying, but the most common iteration is as follows:

    A-X-O-L-O-T-L, my time has come to burn! I invoke the ancient power that I may return!


    Ever since this aired, loyal GF theorists have rushed to analyze this from start to finish, trying to figure out what Bill is saying as he dies. Some believe instead of saying A-X-O-L-O-T-L, Bill is instead screaming the A out in agony as he dies, followed by spelling out X-O-L-O-T-L.

    Xolotl is an Aztec deity often associated with: underworld, misfortune, sickness and twins.

    An axolotl is often referred to as a "water salamander", and is a rare creature known for being able to regrow its body parts.

    He could be calling out to the deity of the underworld as he collapses, also because a central theme of the show is the bond between twin siblings. Or, since we see Bill regrowing his eye (twice actually), it could be a reference to him acting like an axolotl and regenerating after his demise. And, A-X-O-L-O-T-L is the keyword used to solve the cipher on the bus seat near the end of the episode, so it is most likely that he is spelling out axolotl.

    Along with this, there is an analysis of the rest of it too. Some people believe him saying "I may return" is a nod from Alex that A) Bill could return to Gravity Falls B) Gravity Falls itself could make a comeback, or C) there could be a spin-off involving Bill. It could also just be a “you haven’t seen the last of me!” exclamation that villains often shout as they’re dying. But, coming from the show where one of the main symbols (the cipher wheel) is an archaic prophecy, ancient powers might not be something to just shake off.

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    • All very interesting

      My theory is: In-universe, it was a failed attempt at a resurrection, or else an effort to at least convince himself he would return as he's clearly undergoing VillainousBreakdown at this point. Out-of-universe, probably a way of teasing us as to whether Bill could potentially make a return (though it was said this was the final episode), or else making fun of how fans always speculate of villains returning even after they're dead (and sometimes they do)

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    • Get this: In a gravity falls book, the gang meet the all-powerful entity called axolotl. when given one question, dipper asks what he knows about bill, and axolotl replies (In riddle form) that if bill says his name, he will be reborn once again. Mind blown?


      Meet again

      Don't know where

      Don't know when

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    • I KNEW IT!

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    • It  makes me sad that people post on the forum almost everyday but the chat is always empty now xD

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    • Ever thought that Bill might undergo reincarnation?

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    • What the.... ?

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    • From memory, during the annoucement of cipher hunt, wasn't it said "whatever you do, do NOT shake the statue's hand!"? Because if so, maybe the statue is some sort of revival attempt, with his hand being shook/making a deal being the way to revive bill.

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    • in the journal 3 book it is revealed that our world is another world that exists in canon, so maybe bill came into our world as a statue and will reincarnate into whoever shakes his hand (simmilar to what he did to dipper and mabel)

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    • That final message really makes me believe Bill and Gravity Falls (the show) will back somehow. In Cipher Hunt, the guy who found it shake the statue and Alex said not to shake the statue. It may be a hint that if anyone shake his statue, Bill will be back, maybe after rebuilding his body that may take a time. And Axolotl can regrow it's body part, then it means, so does Bill. I really believe someday GF will return, because they really should

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    • Haha! That's my favorite animal (or reptile?)

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    • RobertPines wrote:

      What the.... ?

      Sixty degrees that come in threes.

      Watches from within birch trees.

      Saw his own dimension burn.

      Misses home and can't return.

      Says he's happy. He's a liar.

      Blame the arson for the fire.

      If he want's to shirk the blame.

      He'll have to invoke my name.

      One way to absolve his crime.

      A different form, a different time.

      -Axolotl from Time Pirate's Curse, responding to Dipper. 

      A-X-O-L-O-T-L, my time has come to burn, i invoke the ancient power that I may return!

      - Bill ciper, before his demise in the final(? Might be more later on?) episode.

      Tl;dr, Bill said a chant and will come back and be redeemed.

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    • So the evil triangle is off somewhere in another space-time continnuum absolving the bs he did to Gravity Falls. So that means, once he's done absolving the...... stuff he did, he'll get his form back and rain hell on GF again?

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    • Bill is just the Illumitati triangle its illuminati with a B its Billuminati  illuminati with 

      if you turn the B 90 degrees you get unlimited shape so Bill is unlimited illumitani

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    • I think that Bill is going to return as Will Cypher, the reverse Bill. Anyone else a fan of Reverse Falls?

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    • Greetings! 

      Yes, I've heard of Reverse Falls, and am a big fan of the idea of Multiple Universes. Not just fictional ones, mind you, but real ones as well. I've lived in multiple worlds throughout my existence, and each one was better then the last. 

      And as for Bill Cipher, I believe that the answer is right in front of you. You only have to look closely. 

      Bye bye! 

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    • An anonymous contributor
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