• 1. Equilateral

    2. Scalene

    3. Isoceles

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    • I vote Equilateral.

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    • I really have no idea what are that things you mentioned, but after searching what are they, I pick Equilateral

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    • deafinitely equilateral

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    • why cant i comment on a page

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    • I have been thinking about it for a while now, and I am glad someone brought it up. He is most definitely not a scalene triangle, so that one is out of the way. In Dreamscaperers he morphs into an obvious isosceles after he gets really mad, but I am positive that´s just him changing his "normal" form. You see, the thing with him is that his body is never really static.What I mean is, the way he´s drawn isn´t entirely just an unmoving triangle, it´s slightly more dynamic than that. The edges may move when he does, but the size doesn´t change. 

      If you want to get completely technical, I measured him as precisely as I could in various frames and...He´s actually an isosceles! Now, this is only if you want to get totally technical. His lower side is only very slightly smaller than his other two sides. He´s almost an equilateral however, but equilaterals are supposed to be exactly the same size in all sides, which he isn´t. (But I was re-checking on some other places and apparently that still somehow counts? If he´s only slightly off does that mean he still can fit into the equilateral category? We may never know). So, if you want to get as accurate as possible...Isosceles.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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