• So you know in the intro it flashes the zodiac? Well in weirdmaggedon when Ford spray paints the zodiac Stan has to hold Ford's hand but in the intro where it flashes the zodiac,Stan is originally supposed to hold Wendy and Dipper's hand. I guess Alex wanted to make the twins fight but it just confused me. Why not just have the original zodiac like the spray paint zodiac?

    Another thing is, the ice pack on the zodiac might not be Wendy. But it is. Bill cipher seems calm when they're trying to make the zodiac. It seems like Bill knows that the twins would not hold hands. Which leads us to if you compare the two zodiacs everything is different except for bill in the middle and how Mabel and Pacifica are supposed to hold hands.

    The Axolotl,

    Is something that Bill yells out in his final words. It all sounds like pure gibberish but if you reverse it comes out as "AXOLOTL MY TIME HAS COME TO BURN, I INVOKE THE ANCIENT POWERS THAT I MAY RETURN". Now there is an argument saying that Bill said Xolotl and the A was a scream. Research shows that Bill indeed says Axolotl not Xolotl the Aztec god of lightning and death. It says he guides you to the underworld with lightning. In the book "Dipper and Mabel and the curse of the time pirates treasure" shows where Dipper And Mabel find the Axolotl and the axolotl gives them a chance to ask a question. Mabel asks if its a salamander and the axolotl says its an axolotl while Dipper asks what it knows about Bill cipher. The axolotl ponders and says a poem,

    "60 degrees that come in threes,watches within birch trees,saw his own dimension burn,misses home and cant return,says he's happy he's a liar,blame the arson for the fire,if he wants to shirk the blame,he'll have to invoke my name,one way to absolve his crime,a different form a different time"

    So it shows that Bill can return all he has to do is blame or say axolotl.

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    • If he was the one who saw his home burn and is unable to return this could also mean Bill just does everything to get his home back. In the poem it even says that he had a crime. The crime has a chance of him burning down his town(he does have powers of pryokinese) and that probably is the reason why he is not happy, no matter how much insane laughter he covers it up with.

      This also can be shown that this power he gets in the finale can't solve his probelms- getting his home back. Notice how in Gravity Falls everyone has gold and Bill says to buy it, Northwest gives Bill some cash, Stan says to bury it- remember that some say "wealth is power." Gold is a form of wealth, so gold = power. Back to Bill in the finale. He is able to transform Stanford into a gold-looking material. If gold = power, then this is to show Bill overpowers Stanford, but remember that money cannot buy you everything. Gold can't get you anything- power can't get you anything. In the end, Bill had to get into Stanford's mind and was unable to, resulting into his final resort: Axolotl. Even though he was defeated, he said Axolotl's name so he could have that chance of getting his home back.

      That's just what I think anyway. Not sure if this all relates but me and my friend only thought of it because it might be possible that Bill Cipher was a God to other people in Gravity Falls once upon a time, and because we were think that the Northwest family was only rich because they worshiped Bill.

      Update: Pyramids are skeletons according to the Cipher file. Are they leftovers from the burning of Bill's home? Or Bill clones? That probably needs more research.

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