• We do know the Q, X, and Z Symbols in the substution chipher-

    Q= o o

    X=  Two dots with a line connecting them  

    X= Backwards G

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    • Which one? There are three different substitution ciphers, the Author's cipher, Bill's Cipher, and the combined one that is in the real life version of journal 3.

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    • What IcE StOrM the warrior said. The one we don't know those 3 symbols in is the Author's one. The other two we know all 26 symbols, because they had complete keys to them. For the Bill code, Q, X, and Z are Bill's cipher - Q, Bill's cipher - X, and Bill's cipher - Z

      respectively. For the combined one, it's CSC - Q, CSC - X, and CSC - Z respectively. It sounds like the one you're talking about is that last one.

      The first one did not confirm these three letters, and they might never be confirmed. My headcanon is that Q is Bill's cipher - B

      , X is Bill's cipher - P, and Z is Bill's cipher - K However these aren't official. They're the three symbols also found in the Bill code, as different letters (B, P, and K, respectively).
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    • An anonymous contributor
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