A time wish is the prize granted to the winner of Globnar that lets the user fulfill their desires, including the ability to alter history, paradox-free.


The desire to be granted a time wish causes numerous wars and deaths in the distant future.[1]

In "Blendin's Game," Blendin Blandin challenges Dipper and Mabel to Globnar as revenge for them getting him kicked out of the Time Anomaly Removal Crew and sent to prison, hoping to beat them and use the time wish to wish them out of existence. The twins, however, see the time wish as a means to fix Soos Ramirez's birthday by allowing him to see his father again. After they defeat their challenger in the event, they give the wish to Soos, who opts to clean the kids up from their fight and get a slice of infinite pizza.


The time wish takes the physical appearance of a glowing, semi-transparent, golden orb containing a bright yellow hourglass symbol which is surrounded by sparks.


Season 2


  • Dundgren states that if he had a time wish, he would retire early, so he could spend more time with his children.[1]


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