The blue sweatshirt woman is a resident of Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Season 1

In "Boss Mabel," she is one of the tourists at the Mystery Shack who witness Soos as the "Question Baby". She, along with all the others wasn't willing to pay $1000 to get her picture taken with him, and departed.

In "Gideon Rises," she is seen among the crowd as Gideon announces his plans for the former Mystery Shack. Later, she is seen alongside other townsfolk who are disappointed at Gideon, who was revealed to be a fraud.


In "Lefty," she is seen on an escalator at Gravity Malls.

In "Mabel's Scrapbook: Heist Movie," she is seen in the audience for Pony Heist.

Season 2

In "Sock Opera," she is seen in the audience during Mabel's sock puppet show.

In "Soos and the Real Girl," she is seen shopping at Gravity Malls.

In the "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" segment "Hands Off," she is seen running the "Pots Aplenty" booth at the Gravity Falls Swap Meet. Later, she is seen in the Bowling alley.

In "The Love God," she is at the Woodstick festival.

In "Northwest Mansion Mystery," she is seen sitting at a table with the Unnamed fanny pack man at the Northwest Fest after Pacifica lets the common folk in.

In "The Stanchurian Candidate," she is at the town meeting to discuss the new mayor, and among the voters throwing bird seed during the Friday debate.


She is a dark-skinned woman with shoulder-length brown hair. She wears a light blue hooded sweatshirt, medium blue sweatpants, and gold-colored stud earrings.


Season 1


Season 2


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