The news anchor is Shandra Jimenez' co-host at the TV news.[1]


In "The Stanchurian Candidate," he comforts Shandra when she cries because it had "been so long since [they] have had real news." Then he announces that there's going to be a town hall meeting that afternoon to discuss Mayor Befufftlefumpter's replacement.


He's a light-skinned adult with dark brown hair, a wide chin, an aquiline nose and a mole over his left cheekbone. He wears a dark grey suit with a white shirt and a light grey tie.


  1. "The Stanchurian Candidate." Jeff Rowe, Josh Weinstein, Alex Hirsch (writers) & Matt Braly (director). Disney XD. August 24, 2015. No. 14, season 2.

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