Well, we all know that Dipper fears that Mabel is becoming the alpha twin since she's taller than him. Meanwhile, Gideon takes advantage of this situation. This sounds very interesting indeed. Gideon has two appearances in Gravity Falls, The Hand That Rocks the Mabel and Irrational Treasure. I love how they're making another episode where Lil' Gideon is the main antagonist. < Leaked.

What we know:

  • Gideon has a red flashlight that can shrink people. We see that he shrunk Dipper and Mabel, probably Soos also.

What we all want to see:

  • ACursedDoor - I want Bud Gleeful to make another appearance.

The Jokester pointed something out. The man standing behind Lil' Gideon isn't Mitt Romney, he's Gideon's lawyer. It was just a Twitter prank! :D

Promo is already out! I don't really know how to put up that video thingy but... -_- here's the link.

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