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My Notebook: Eye of Providence

Afton24 June 28, 2013 User blog:Afton24

Okay, so you've all seen the, like, second to last slide on the credits. You know, the one with the cyclopic, hat-wearing, triangle, otherwise known as a doodled on Eye of Providence. (I'm just going to call it the Eye.) Anyway,  it has this big ring around it with 10 symbols inside it. I am going to tell you what i think those symbols mean.

  • Question mark: Soos
  • Bag of ice
  • Mark on Stan's hat: Stan (Duh)
  • Pine tree: Dipper, it's on his hat
  • Star containing an eye: Gideon, on top of his tent
  • Six-fingered hand: The author
  • Lama
  • Shooting star: Mabel, sweater
  • Scared heart: Robbie, sweatshirt
  • Sunglasses: Sheriff Blubs

I didn't have enough information to make an accurate guess on all the symbols. The question mark could double for Soos, but honestly i think thats unlikely since there is no mark for Wendy. But you could also say that Robbie shouldn't get a mark either since he is not a main charater. Any questions just ask!

Aurilia C.

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