Hello fellow members of the Gravity Falls Wikia community. I am here today to ask you about your theories around what is shown in the intro of the show, the pyramid formed icon with the eye in the middle.

If you would like to know what this particular symbol represents, it is known as the Eye of Providence.

The Eye of Provicence is often used as a representive of the 'all-seeing eye of God'. Eyes are more commonly used in representation of gods or deities. As example, you will all be more familiar with the Eye of Horus, from the Egyptian mythology.

Now, will this top-hatted and bow-tied figure be a real part in the story? Could this maybe be the thing having 'watched' the writer of book 3, and the cause of Dipper's feeling that he is being watched as well? As you watch with your eyes?

Share your opinions below!

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