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Mirror Image part 3 (I stuck with this title)

(At Misty's house)

Misty- ok, I did your dirty little plan! Now give back my amethyst of ice!

(Gives amethyst to Misty)

Misty- Thank you cousin Gidion! Now go! Before Dipper shows up!

(Gidion uses the back door to leave)

(doorbell rings)

Dipper- Misty! It's Dipper!

Misty- Coming! (she says as she puts on a jacket)

Dipper- Ready?

Misty- Yeah, let's go!

(in town, Mabel is walking Waddles when she hears Gidion talking about his evil scheme)

Mabel- Waddles, that sounds like Gidion!

Gidion- Now that I put Dipper in my trap, I can finally DESTROY him! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Mabel- (gasp!) I think Misty has something to do with this.... Waddles, we need to save Dipper!

(Mabel runs to the movie theater screaming, "Dipper! I'll save you!"

(at the movies...)

Dipper- And that's how me and Mabel encountered ghosts!

Misty- haha! (her thoughts) I'm so sorry Dipper... For what's going to happen to you...

(Dipper had heard her whisper something)

Dipper- What?


(Misty pushes Dipper out of the way and gets trapped under the now broken roof)

Dipper- MISTY! NO!

(just as Mabel rushes in, she sees Dipper, who's eyes are now full of tears, rocketing out of the theater)

Mabel- Dipper?

(in their attic...)

( Dipper looks at a photo of him and Misty, smiling happily and arms wrapped around each other)

Dipper- (whispers to picture) I'll never forget you, Misty.

Mabel- There you are! Where have you- oh, no...

Dipper- She's gone. The first person other than you to actually understand me... And now she's gone...

Mabel- Dipper, as you said the first day we were here, you told me that I'll find someone else, so, I guess, you will too.

Dipper- Thanks for cheering me up, sis.

Mabel- Your welcome.

(Dipper and Mabel hug)

Mabel- I got some money, wanna get some ice cream?

Dipper- Ok. That'll take my mind off of Misty.

(As Dipper and Mabel walk to the ice cream shop, the picture of him and Misty glow angeliclly)[That means its glowing heavenly]

The end.

By Blue_Sword12 . .


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