So I again had a dream with Gravity Falls, 

Bill was defeated and Weirdmageddon ended, at least it seemed so. Pines family announced that everyone must burn things asociated with Bill, if they have so, don't think about it and forget. Dipper and Mabel went back home, everything seemed right but then... it turned out that Bill was still alive, he didn't have physic form anymore, but could posess anything and anyone he wanted. Unfortunately, zodiac couldn't be a thing, because you know Dipper and Mabel went back home. Bill posessed someone, probably, and then some cat, and ran away. Me, with someone else (idk who) chased him, but he escaped. And then he posessed a dog, which we caught. And then, we killed thid dog, probably and burnt its body alongside with other things asociated with Bill so he was defeated for good. The end.

A bit weird.