Hello. This one is called "Gender Switch".


(At Gideon's House)

Gideon: I really should have defeated those vile children by now. I wonder what's wrong with me!

(Gideon opens the "2" book to a page labeled "Gender Switcher")

Gideon: A Gender Switcher, em? Maybe that will knock them down to size!

(At the Mystery Shack)

Stan: Kids, it's bedtime.

Dipper, Mabel, and Waddles: Coming, Stan!

(Soos and Wendy follow them)

Stan (whispering to himself): I hope Gideon has no trick up his sleeve. But I fell there is something in the air: an upcoming magic spell. I'd except that from Gideon.

(Everyone goes to bed just as Gideon walks up to the shack with us "Gender Switcher" ray gun)

Gideon: Fools! They can't defeat me if they gender's switch. They wouldn't know there powers, so they powerless. Well, not well... they just don't know what it is.

(Gideon fires the ray at the Shack and it glows bright and then stops)

Gideon: My plan! It's finished! Sweet dreams, fools!

(The next morning, Dipper wakes up, as a girl)

Dipper: Mabel, I... why is Mabel a boy? And why am I a girl! This smells of Gideon!

(Stan runs into the room as a girl)

Stan: Gideon! He switched our genders!

Dipper: You think?

(Mabel wakes up)

Mabel: Good... why am I a boy?

Dipper: Gideon!

Stan: Gideon switches our gender.

(Soos comes in as a girl and Wendy comes in as a boy)

Soos and Wendy: Someone help us!

(Waddles wakes up as a girl)

Waddles: Ah... I look pretty!

Mabel: This is Gideon's doing, Waddles. We need to talk to him to see if he'll reverse. We all know he won't but it's worth a shot.

(At Gideon's house everyone walks into Gideon's room)

Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Wendy, Soos, and Waddles: Gideon, change us back!

Gideon: I'll change you back... for a price.

Mabel: What do you want?

Gideon (trying to hold back his laughter): Stan, reveal to everyone your dark secret you've been hiding all these years.

Stan: I rather be a girl!

Mabel: Stan, just do it! We'll still love you no matter what!

Stan: I've heard that before!

Mabel: Please, Stan! It's the only way to save us!

Gideon: Come on! The clock ticks!

(Stan says it fastly so no one can hear)

Gideon: In a way people will understand... please!

Stan: No! I can't do it!

Mabel: Please...

(Mabel does the "puppy eyes")

Stan: It doesn't work because your a... boy?

Mabel: Ugh...

Gideon: The clock is almost out of time... and so are you!

Mabel: As long as we stick together we can defeat anything you throw at us!

Gideon: Want to bet?

(All of a sudden everyon in the room sees a picture of a clock on top of a mountain with a purple hand moving towards a picture of a skull and crossbones)

Gideon: Gravity Falls's fait is all keep in that ticking clock you just saw. Now I bet you believe me about that "almost out of time" thing!

Dipper: And who is watching the clock?

Gideon: Only the most powerful villain in all of Gravity Falls.

Dipper: And who would that be?

Gideon: Can't tell!

(Fasten than the human eye, something sells the "Gender Switcher" ray gun and turns them back to normal)

Raspy voice: Gideon, your mission was to destroy the children, not to weaken them by changing there gender! You have failed me, child! And for that... you must pay!

(The thing transports Gideon away from his house to the clock and he watches evily as the clock strikes the skull and crossbones)

Gideon: It's about time!

(Gideon and the raspy voice laugh)

Raspy voice: It's just a baring same you won't live to see Gravity Falls be destroyed.

Gideon (as the raspy voice fires a ray at Gideon): No! NO! NOO!

(Gideon gets shot by the ray and his scream slowly fades and the raspy voice laughs)

Dipper: It's time Mabel. The time we've been waiting for.

Mabel: And what would that be, Dipper!

Dipper: The chance to save Gravity Falls from destruction.

Stan: We better get back to the Shack. There's something I need to tell you.

(At the Shack)

Stan: ...and that is what that thing is and what he is after.

Mabel: See, Stan. We still love you.

Dipper: I don't. But to be honest, I never have.

(Everyone laughs)

Stan: That wasn't funny!

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