Hello. This one is called "The Watterson Family".


(At the Mystery Shack)

Dipper: Mabel, I won't believe what you just said until a cat and bunny start a family with three kids that are: a bunny, a cat, and a fish who grew legs!

(Suddenly, outside, a portal opens outside and the Watterson family fall out)

Gumball: This isn't what I sent us to go too.

(They walk outside and see just what Dipper said)

Dipper: Okay, I believe you!

Gumball: Hello, human! I am Gumball Waterson.

Dipper: Hello, cat! I am Dipper Pines

Gumball: Nice to meet you Dipper.

Dipper: Why are you here?

Gumball: I built a portal to send us to different places. I set us to take Alutakinc Mountains, but we ended up here instead.

(Denethor is shown hidden behind a tree staring at them)

Denethor: This puts a wrinkle in my plan! The world's greatest detectives are with them! They shall die!

(Denethor laughs evily and chokes)

Denethor: I gotta build a water machine in the Underworld.

(Later that day)

Gumball: And then Penny said...

(Stan comes in)

Stan: Who's your talking cat friend?

Gumball: Sup?

Dipper: Gumball Watterson! He was meaning to go the the Alutakinc Mountains, but ended up here instead.

Stan: Oh. I thought it was a joke.

(Stan laughs)

Stan: So, how long will you be here?

Gumball: Until Darwin can fix the kinks on the Travel Machine.

Stan: So, you'll be joining us for Dinner?

Gumball: Of course. You seem like just a nice old man!

Stan: Watch what your saying to people. The person you're talking to my be evil!

(Dipper and Gumball look at Stan)

Stan: I kid. I kid.

Gumball (as Stan leaves): Is he always like that?

Dipper: Yes. So except that a lot.

Gumball: I'll warn the family!

(Darwin comes in covered in oil and dust)

Darwin: This machine is far from being fixed, I'm afraid.

Gumball: Darn! Have a extra guest bedroom!

Dipper: Yes. But Stan won't let anyone in it!

Gumball: I'll change his mind about that!

(Gumball walks up to Stan)

Gumball: Stan, can my family sleep in the guest bedroom?

Stan: NO!

Gumball (doing puppy dog eyes): Please!

Stan: Fine!

(They enter the room and see a desk with a window and a book on it and they look at the book and it is labeled "1")

Gumball: Oh my Go...

(Darwin covers Gumball's mouth)

Darwin: Language!

(Darwin takes his arm off)

Gumball: Sorry, Darwin. I should have known better!

(Gumballs opens the book and sees "Denethor")

Gumball: Denethor: The thing that is hunting us! Oh my Go...

(Darwin covers Gumball's mouth again)

Darwin: Please stop that!

(Gumball removes Darwin's hand)

Gumball: Then, who about you stop that!

(Darwin looks at the book and the Denethor picture looks at him)

Denethor: I see you and there is no way to escape my grasp!

(Darwin quickly grabs the book and hands it to Dipper)

Darwin: We're being hunted by Denethor and he's alive, even in this book!

Dipper: And where exactly did you find this?

Darwin: In Stan's extra guest bedroom!

Dipper: I knew this was in here somewhere. Thank you, Darwin!

(Darwin runs away)

Mabel: What's got the fish spooked.

Dipper; Something's haunting our animal friends and it's up to find it!

(It's go back to the extra guest bedroom and Darwin is rolling back and forth on the floor)

Darwin: OMG, OMG, UF2HLP!

Gumball: Darwin, we're hunted and only two people can stop him! I say, we should help them! It's time we do, Operation: Bring Down Denethor!

(Gumball clicks a gun)

Darwin: Were did you get that?

Gumball: I don't know. Stan has ten of them. What is wrong with that guy?

Darwin (grabbing a gun): Today, we live! Today, Denethor falls!

Gumball: I thought you a pacifish!

Darwin: That doesn't matter when there is a war, that we need to win! A war that needs a hero, or heroes, to stand up and fight the good fight! There will be a day when the strength of men, fishes, cats, and rabbits fail. But day is not today. Today, we fight! Today, we fight to good fight! Today, we win the war!

(Stan comes and sees the book gone)

Stan: Why you little...

(A fireball suddenly appears in Stan's hand and he throws it at Darwin and knocks him down)

Gumball: Who are you?

(Stan, in a blast of fire, turns into Denethor)

Denethor: Today, the strength of men, fishes, cats, and rabbits will fail! By the way, where is "1'"?

Gumball: Our human friend has it! And you'll never get it!

Denethor: I wouldn't be so smug!

(Denethor raises his hand and the extra guest bedroom starts to burn)

Gumball: Just wait until Stan gets his hands on you!

Denethor: I wouldn't worry about him!

(The screen shows Stan tied up and gagged in a burning closet and he whimpers)

Denethor: Time to die!

Gumball: Back you, devil!

(Gumball fires his gun at Denethor but it goes right through him)

Denethor: Bad for you, I'm already dead!

(Gumball fires his gun again but this time at a torch hanging on the roof above him and it falls on Denethor and he starts to burn)

Denethor: Agh! Foolish human!

(Denethor fires a fireball and it knocks him down)

Richard: Stop this foolish now!

(Denethor fires a fireball and it knocks him down)

Nicole: Do what my husband said and stop this!

(Denethor fires a fireball and it knocks her down)

Dipper: Enough!

(Denethor turns around to see Dipper holding the "1")

Denethor: Give that weapon to me!

Dipper: This is a weapon?

Denethor: Yes.

(Denethor fires a fireball at the book and it burns with ease)

Dipper: Cheap!

(Dipper grabs a burning page and throws it at Denethor but it misses him and causes the extra guest bedroom to burn even more and Stan comes walking in, his ties on fire and he breaks them)

Stan: Avenge the Watterson family!

(They all charge at Denethor throwing stuff at him but he avoids them with ease and a portal opens infront of Denethor)

Denethor: Excuse me for leaving so early. But I have another family to hunt down and to cause a crash and burn reaction!

(Denethor enters the portal and a blinding flash follows and the Watterson family wake up and see bandages on there head)

Gumball: What happened?

Dipper: Denethor knocked up all out with fireballs and escaped in a portal!

Gumball: Oh! Bummer!

Dipper: I know right?

(Darwin comes in)

Darwin: Watterson Family, I've fixed it!

(They all go and are about to step into the portal)

Gumball: Bye!

(The Watterson Family hugs Dipper, Mabel, and Stan and jump in and the scene changes to Elmore)

Darwin: Another happy ending!

(Denethor appears)

Denethor: I wouldn't be so sure of that, walking fish!

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