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Mabel: I slay myself.
Mabel: I slay myself.
(the scene switches to dipper walking in the forest)
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[[Category:Blog posts]]

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This is called "Who's the new girl"?  


(the scene shows mabel and dipper watching tiger fist)

The tv: We will return to tiger fist after this commercial.

Mabel and dipper: Whoo! That tiger is a hero!

(grunkle stan comes in)

Grunkle stan: Kids i need you to go find worthless junk for the mystery shack.

Dipper: But isn't everything in here already worthless junk?

Grunkle stan: Yes.

(he leaves)

Mabel: Well that happened.

(they go outside)

Dipper: Ok let's look in town.

(they go to the town)

(they pass a pet store)

Mabel: Aw! Dipper, look there making puppy eyes.  

Dipper: Mabel, they already have puppy eyes they're puppies.

Mabel: I know that.

Dipper: Let's go.

(they start walking till they bump into someone)

The person: Watch where your going.

Dipper: Sorry.

(the person turns around)

(it's a girl with long ginger hair with lime-green streaks going through it and she's wearing a lime-green tank-top, dark green boots, a light green jacket, and green jean shorts and has plant like things on her arms and legs)

Dipper: HI.

The girl: Um.

Dipper: Do you talk?

The girl: Um.

Dipper: Cool things on your arms.

The girl: Um.

Dipper: Are you ok you look hot?

(there was an uncomftorable silence)

The girl: Um.

(she runs away)

Mabel: What was that about?

Dipper: Who knows. There's a rock grunkle stan can pass it off as a paperweight.

(he points towards a rock and goes over to it and picks it up)

Dipper: Let's get back to the shack.

(they walk back to the mystery shack and go inside to the gift shop)

Dipper: Ok grunkle stan we found you something.

(he pulls out the rock)

Grunkle stan: Thanks.

(he takes the rock out of dipper's hand and puts it on the counter and puts a half price sign on it and leaves the room)

Dipper: Mabel, i'm going to go see if i can find a monster.

Mabel: Ok dippingsauce.

(she giggles)

Dipper: I told you not to call me that anymore.

Mabel: Sorry little dipper.

(she snickers)

Dipper: Is this tease dipper day or something?

(he leaves)

Mabel: I slay myself.

(the scene switches to dipper walking in the forest)

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